/Quarantine Cat Tricks

Quarantine Cat Tricks

I should be writing about something serious. These are serious times, after all.

There are many candidates, although some, like the Democratic Party in New York state being particularly shameless about screwing Sanders, is so sadly predictable as to not rate as news. Another is how a bunch of squillionaries is going to save us: The Secret Group of Scientists and Billionaires Pushing a Manhattan Project for Covid-19. Maybe I should be grateful, but I am reminded of the Japanese saying: “Too many captains and the ship climbs up the mountain.” And I am even crankier than usual.

So distraction is in order. A lot of people stuck at home have too much time on their hands, and their cats are getting more attention. That may or may not be a plus from the perspective of the cat.

For instance, a selection from a post on cat tanks. These are my faves, but check them all out! Hat tip DK:

The one star matching the cat and the texturing (tread, rivets) are nice touches. By contrast, the next is self-consciously silly and the cat is in on the joke:

A battlefield promotion?

A more interactive, multi-cat project:

SNL tried getting in on the act:

There’s a lot on #QuarantineCats.

More construction projects:

More opportunities to get really good cats doing their thing pix:

Not necessarily with happy expected outcomes:

One not sure of what to make of his human hovering:

Human briefly modeling mask wearing:



A non-quarantine find:

And some fine portraits:

There are never too many favorites! I do miss having a cat.

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