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Request for requests

How would you expand the tax base?

Given the abysmal contribution to public discourse provided by 501(c)(3), for purposes of increasing revenue as well as curbing the torrents of snark and onanism in the interest of of public health, would you support a 40 percent gross receipts tax on 501(c)(3)-(5) entities?

Similarly for interests of both revenue and public health, would you support an excise tax on social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and the like) of say $25 per account per year?

You have vigorously promoted Georgist real estate taxes. Would you similarly support such taxes for an assessed value of virtual real estate, i.e., .com, .org, and .edu domain names, of say $2 per thousand dollars of assessed value?

You have trumpeted the virtue of YIYBY, but have not addressed the impact of turning every neighborhood into a dump on work incentives. Many young people worked very hard to escape low rise condominium hell holes. But if there are no nice neighborhoods to aspire to live in, what is the point of pushing for advancement?

You have often seem to have argued in of world government and death to national sovereignty. What do imagine might be the risks associated with a world government?

CDC has over 10,000 employees and they are averaging over $100,000 per year and 168 of whom have base salaries over $200,000. In the last 10 years the federal government spent $100 billion preparing for pandemics. You have decried the failure of our regulatory state, but should the federal government even be involved at all? Wouldn’t the German model of much greater state responsibility with no federal enforcement responsibility be obviously the best alternative to the current farce?

Why would the USA not want to adopt a Swiss style constitution and government structure?

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