/Destinations for Fleeing New Yorkers

Destinations for Fleeing New Yorkers

Where New Yorkers Moved to Escape Coronavirus

Source: New York Times


A pair of amazing graphics from the New York Times about where NYC residents fled to from the city.

Some moved to local friends and family in the bedroom communities a short commute from the city: Westchester and Nassau Counties, Northern New Jersey, Southern Connecticut. Others went further, to Summer homes and vacation properties: The Hamptons, Berkshires, Jersey Shore.

The exodus began in March. New York’s wealthiest neighborhoods began to empty out.

From friends and family in the city, Brooklyn did not experience as intense an exodus as did Manhattan, especially the Upper West and Upper East Sides. Nick goes into the RWM offices once a week — we are on Bryant Park which is usually jam-packed with people — and he noted how empty the areas seems.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for NYC to return to full occupancy.


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