/Links 6/10/2020

Links 6/10/2020

Why I’m Not Worried About America’s Trillion-Dollar Deficits Stephanie Kelton, NYT. “Politics aside, the only economic constraints currency-issuing states face are inflation and the availability of labor and other material resources in the real economy.”

OECD warns of deepest economic scars in peacetime for a century FT

Exclusive: ECB prepares ‘bad bank’ plan for wave of coronavirus toxic debt Reuters

System of blind spots (review) Ann Pettifor, Times Literary Supplement. An entertaining look at several books on financial fraud.

The Macroeconomics Of Degrowth Steve Keen, Econintersect

Making a Planet Worth Saving Biill McKibben, The New Yorker. Of 350.org. Another view of NGOs:

Woke insurance. Carlos, you’re killing me!


The science:

Analysis of hospital traffic and search engine data in Wuhan China indicates early disease activity in the Fall of 2019 (PDF) Harvard Medical School vs. China, scientists dismiss Harvard study suggesting COVID-19 was spreading in Wuhan in August Reuters

Characteristics and outcomes of pregnant women admitted to hospital with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in UK: national population based cohort study BMJ. Conclusion: “Most pregnant women admitted to hospital with SARS-CoV-2 infection were in the late second or third trimester, supporting guidance for continued social distancing measures in later pregnancy. Most had good outcomes, and transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to infants was uncommon. The high proportion of women from black or minority ethnic groups admitted with infection needs urgent investigation and explanation.”

* * *


The Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine Runs on Horseshoe Crab Blood Smithsonian

* * *


Convalescent Plasma: A COVID-19 Treatment Speeds to Clinical Trials Public Health. From Johns Hopkins. “For the last decade, [Arturo] Casadevall [(Johns Hopkins)], [Michael] Joyner [(Mayo Clinic)], and a small cadre of like-minded colleagues had been pushing for the U.S. to spend more money on broad, one-size-fits-all public health measures rather than investing so much in personalized medicine. Convalescent plasma fit right in with this ethos. It was cheap and low tech, and it didn’t require months of innovation that the world simply didn’t have.” Readable and important.

* * *


WHO expert backtracks after saying asymptomatic transmission ‘very rare’ Guardian. Come on, man.

Exclusive: Half of Singapore’s new COVID-19 cases are symptomless, taskforce head says Reuters

SARS-CoV-2 Infections and Serologic Responses from a Sample of U.S. Navy Service Members — USS Theodore Roosevelt, April 2020 CDC. “Among a convenience sample of 382 young adult U.S. service members aboard an aircraft carrier experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak, 60% had reactive antibodies, and 59% of those also had neutralizing antibodies at the time of specimen collection. One fifth of infected participants reported no symptoms.”

19 states see rising coronavirus cases and Arizona is asking its hospitals to activate emergency plans CNN

D.C. National Guard members test positive for COVID-19 after responding to protests McClatchy

Incarceration And Its Disseminations: COVID-19 Pandemic Lessons From Chicago’s Cook County Jail Health Affairs

Covid-19 will hit developing countries hard Martin Wolf, FT

* * *

Testing and tracing:

Detection dogs as a help in the detection of COVID-19 Can the dog alert on COVID-19 positive persons by sniffing axillary sweat samples? Proof-of-concept study (preprint) bioRxiv. “We conclude that there is a very high evidence that the armpits sweat odour of COVID-19+ persons is different, and that dogs can detect a person infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

* * *

Political response:

A detailed timeline of all the ways Trump failed to respond to the coronavirus Vox

Arizona Covid Debate Exposes Our Loss of Trust John Authers, Bloomberg

* * *

Business response:

More Food Shortages Loom With Outbreaks at 60 U.S Plants Bloomberg

* * *


Locking down too late but ending lockdown too early Mainly Macro. “The idea that we have to lift the lockdown for the sake of the economy is the new austerity.”

The Elevator Arises As The Latest Logjam In Getting Back To Work KHN


After COVID-19, Can China Still Become ‘Moderately Prosperous’? The Diplomat

China Backpedals on Push to Revive Street-Selling Economy Bloomberg. In favor of air-conditioned malls? Good for real estate interests, I suppose.

Smartphone giant Xiaomi enters China’s online mutual aid industry with new health care platform South China Morning Post


Here’s Why All’s Not Well for India on the Ladakh Front The Wire

Domestic remittances by migrants climb back to clock 40% of pre-lockdown level Times of India

The Koreas

Cutting the Lines to the South 38 North

Thailand, Vietnam and the ‘Covid dividend FT


Israel looks to move forward with West Bank annexation “within weeks” Axios

Netanyahu soars in new poll, could form coalition without Gantz if new vote held Times of Israel

Libya’s war: Erdogan says ‘agreements’ reached with Trump Al Jazeera

Syria sends advisors to aid US rebels Duffel Blog

New Cold War

US, Russia to start nuclear arms control talks this month AP

Europe, Russia and Attitudes Towards the ‘New Cold War’ Between US and China Valdai Discussion Club

MH17 Court Cartoon — Dutch Judge Presents Bombshell, the US Delivers Dud – No Satellite Evidence of Russian Shootdown John Helmer

Part Three: The schizoid world of a Soviet anti-communist propagandist Yasha Levine, Immigrants as a Weapon

Trump Transition

Following messy start, enormous Paycheck Protection Program shows signs of buttressing economy WaPo

Bernhardt Extends BLM, National Park Director Terms Indefinitely Bloomberg. Another norms violation.

Ransacking the Republic NYRB

Black Injustice Tipping Point

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin “bumped heads” while working at nightclub, former coworker says CBS. The personal is the political…

How Racial Disparity Does Not Help Make Sense of Patterns of Police Violence Adolph Reed, Nonsite.org

Dust in the Light Stratechery. Recommended by Mark Blyth.

Mass Exodus: The Alarming Re-Segregation of Cleveland’s East Inner Ring Public Schools The SEL Experience Project (Carla).

5 Key Lessons To Take Home From The First #BlackBirdersWeek All About Birders (Ignacio).

Florissant woman helps change Merriam Webster’s definition of racism KMOV4. Florissant, MO is adjacent to Ferguson.

Manufacturer that burned as Minneapolis protests turned violent plans to relocate from city Star-Tribune

Police State Watch

The Siege of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis Crimethinc. Learning from Hong Kong?

‘Welcome to Free Capitol Hill’ — Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone forms around emptied East Precinct — UPDATE Capitol Hill Seattle Blog (JacobiteInTraining).

A Glimpse Into Lawlessness The American Conservative

* * *

Festival of Antifa:

No Sign Of Antifa So Far In Justice Department Cases Brought Over Unrest NPR

How The Antifa Fantasy Spread In Small Towns Across The U.S. Buzzfeed News

He Tweeted That He Was the Leader Of Antifa. Then the Fbi Asked Him to Be an Informant. The Intercept

Trump Claims 75-Year-Old Man Shoved By Buffalo Police May Be An Antifa Agitator Forbes

* * *

White House claims violence incited at Floyd protests linked to Venezuela’s Maduro Miami Herald. Come on, man.

‘This has to stop,’ appeals court says in siding with family of West Virginia man killed by police CNN

Why Were Out-of-State National Guard Units in Washington, D.C.? The Justice Department’s Troubling Explanation Lawfare

Imperial Collapse Watch

Ultimately, All Monuments are Ozymandias Craig Murray

The Failed American Experiment Patrick Lawrence, Consortium News

Guillotine Watch

Wealthy buyers reportedly in ‘mad rush’ to leave San Francisco Chronicle. “They were careless people….”

Owner of flooded Michigan dam used it as tax shelter, ignored federal regulators, according to report Detroit Metro-Times

Class Warfare

Baltimore’s ‘Squeegee Boys’: ‘If We Don’t Go Out, We Don’t Eat’ KHN

If it ain’t broke: You share your oldest working gadgets BBC

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