/Links 6/12/2020

Links 6/12/2020

Archaeologists may have found site of the Red Lion, London’s first playhouse Ars Technica

Alberta and South Korea’s pensions just bought the Coastal GasLink pipeline: 8 things you need to know The Narwhal (Senator-Elect)

Moose And Her Calves Decide To Spend A Day In This Family’s Backyard, Man Documents How It Went Bored Panda

Swedish PM Olof Palme’s alleged assassin does have an India connection. No, it isn’t Bofors Scroll

Fossil tracks left by an ancient crocodile that ‘ran like an ostrich’ BBC

The Story of Prisoner No. 760 Der Spiegel

Black Injustice Tipping Point

On Days of Disorder The Scholar’s Stage

Disband The Tone Police Too Much Information. David Sirota.

The commercialisation of George Floyd: US firms look to capitalise on a movement France 24

Eight minutes that could change the world Asia Times. Michael Vatiotis.

Protest misinformation is riding on the success of pandemic hoaxes MIT Technology Review

AFL-CIO Censors Payday Comments on Cop Unions From It’s Twitter Feed Payday Report

Exclusive: Most Americans, including Republicans, support sweeping Democratic police reform proposals – Reuters/Ipsos poll Reuters

Support For Defunding The Police Department Is Growing. Here’s Why It’s Not A Silver Bullet. Marshall Project


Dow slides more than 1,800 points on fears of coronavirus resurgence, more economic pain WaPo

The Abrupt, Radical Reversal in How Public Health Experts Now Speak About the Coronavirus and Mass Gatherings Glenn Greenwald Intercept

FBI warns hackers are targeting mobile banking apps The Hill

Jewish kids take over Brooklyn streets to demand reopening of sleepaway camps NY Post

Health Workers Resort To Etsy, Learning Chinese, Shady Deals To Find Safety Gear Kaiser Health News

Nurses Have a History of Activism in the U.S., Championing Suffrage and Universal Health Care Teen Vogue

Study: 100% face mask use could crush second, third COVID-19 wave SFgate

Trump’s decision to leave WHO came with bluster, but no action so far Stat. Exactly like his use of executive orders. All hat, no cattle. Miind you, I don’t find his blustering without folllow through to be a problem. Better all bark, little bite, than the alternative


Covid-19 studies based on flawed Surgisphere data force medical journals to review processes Guardian

Class Warfare

‘Speaking of Looting…’: Trump Admin. Refuses to Disclose Corporate Recipients of $500 Billion in Coronavirus Bailout Funds Common Dreams

Hedge fund manager stands to profit on ‘flip’ of taxpayer-funded coronavirus drug WaPo

Big Money Bought the Forests. Small Logging Communities Are Paying the Price. ProPublica

Bosses in the US Have Far Too Much Power to Lay Off Workers Whenever They Feel Like It Jacobin

Tim Bray, the senior Amazon engineer who dramatically resigned in protest, just told a union meeting of engineers and workers the company should be broken up Business Insider

KKR asks advisers to ‘share the pain’ amid $18bn spending spree FT

Meet Wikipedia’s Ayn Rand loving founder and Wikemedia Foundation’s regime=change operative CEO Grayzone

United Kingdom

No ‘patient zero’ as Covid-19 came into UK at least 1,300 times Guardian

Coronavirus: Only an Anecdote Craig Murray

The Brexit crisis led to totally incompetent leadership at a time of unprecedented calamity. Now we are paying for it Independent

UK air passengers urged not to take hand luggage on planes Guardian


China issues fresh warnings on travelling, studying in Australia SCMP

The Shape of Asia’s New Cold War Project Syndicate

Zoom accedes to Chinese demands to shutter online activist meetings Agence France-Presse


Why Does Tamil Nadu Wish to Denotify Part of the Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary? The Wire

Delhi already out of ICUs, will exhaust ventilators this week, claims govt study The Print

As Donald Trump tightens immigration rules, Indian tech students ditch the American Dream for Canada Scroll

Delhi accused of under-reporting coronavirus deaths FT

Trump Transition

Politico apologizes after its bizarre and puzzling claims on Trump, racism, and Obama AlterNet

Don’t sue Donald Trump if you get coronavirus! Supporters wanting to go to his mask-free comeback MAGA rally in Tulsa have to sign disclaimer to get tickets Daily Mail

Milley Apologizes for Role in Trump Photo Op: ‘I Should Not Have Been There’ NYT

UN expresses ‘horror’ at reported mass graves’ discovery in Libya Al Jazeera

How can Europe help prevent the carving-up of Libya? Qantara

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