/Links 6/21/2020

Links 6/21/2020

There may be 36 other intelligent civilizations in the galaxy, but odds of communicating with them are small CBC. Hidden assumption, here.

Arctic records its hottest temperature ever CBS

With bees in short supply, soap bubbles could assist with pollination, study finds CNN

The fund managers who kept faith with Wirecard FT


Antibody cocktail to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein prevents rapid mutational escape seen with individual antibodies Science

Neutralisation of SARS-CoV-2 by destruction of the prefusion Spike Cell

UV-C Light Kills SARS-CoV-2, Triggering Novel Lighting Options for Public Spaces Biospace

Mapping Covid-19 outbreaks in the food system Food and Environment Reporting Network

It Doesn’t Look Like the Protests Are Causing a COVID-19 Spike Slate

“Fast-Tracking” a Coronavirus Vaccine Sounds Great. It’s Not That Simple. Pro Publica

Coronavirus Pandemic Threatens to Derail Polio Eradication—but There’s a Silver Lining Scientific American

The unintended impact of COVID-19 on cancer The Hill

“Repurposing” off-patent drugs offers big hopes of new treatments The Economist


Key details in draft of China’s Hong Kong security law Straits Times

Hong Kong national security law: China’s top body to meet again in a week to discuss bill South China Morning Post

Hong Kong satire forced off air as China clamps down on free speech Nikkei Asian Review

Hong Kong unions, students fail to get support for strikes against security law Reuters

China finds heavy coronavirus traces in seafood, meat sections of Beijing food market Reuters


HCQ beneficial as preventive drug: SMS doctors told ICMR Economic Times of India

India’s Modi promotes yoga against coronavirus Agence France Presse


K-pop fans: A diverse, underestimated and powerful force Korea Herald


Trump Says He’s Cutting Troops in Germany Over Pipeline and NATO Bloomberg

Millions of European jobs at risk when furlough support ends FT

Germany: Riots and looting grip Stuttgart Deutsche Welle

Exclusive: In Daphne murder investigation, money trail leads to Montenegro venture Reuters. Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed in a car bombing in October 2017.


Scoop: White House to discuss this week whether to approve Israeli annexations Axios

Why the World Should Fear Trump’s UN Moves Against Iran The National Interest

New Cold War

US-Russia nuclear disarmament talks to begin, but no sign of China joining in Guardian

Trump Transition

U.S. attorney says he will leave office after Attorney General says Trump fired him CBS. Norms Fairy sheds tear.

One Press Release on OSHA Violations Yields Compliance Equal to 210 Inspections (press release) Duke Sanford School of Public Policy


TikTok Teens and K-Pop Stans Say They Sank Trump Rally NYT. The arena was not full:

Always hire a hall that’s too small. Whoops. More:

K-Pop fans are, I believe, all about online polls.

‘It’s going to be an angry mob’: Kentucky cuts number of polling stations by 95 percent ahead of primary voting Independent. “In a typical election year, Kentucky has about 3,700 polling sites, according to most reports. When Election Day arrives on 23 June, there will be just 200 polling sites across the state — with some of those sites having to serve upwards of 600,000 residents.” What could go wrong?

The Postal Service Is Steadily Getting Worse — Can It Handle a National Mail-In Election? ProPublica

Trump Says Mail-In Voting Is His Biggest Re-Election Threat Bloomberg

Trying to predict Biden’s veep? The conventional wisdom is usually wrong Harry Enten, CNN

Don’t believe the polls: Trump’s populist presidency may carry him to victory in 2020 The Hill

The Danger of Electoral Violence in the United States The American Interest

Police State Watch

The End of Policing left me convinced we still need policing Matthew Yglesias, Vox

Video shows FDNY firefighters light off illegal fireworks in Brooklyn New York Post. Normally, I’d pass over the following thread, but it’s worth a read:

I have also received this communication from a friend in a large “urban” area:

ok this may be foily, but the fireworks he described have been going off in my neighborhood. and the same thing, very powerful, professional, I can see them from my balcony.

black neighborhoods observe July 4 in a big way, and it typically starts

before July 4, but this is way in excess of previous years, and my NextDoor list is talking about this…

I remember seeing fireworks — not just firecrackers, but real, star-burst-y, “professional” Fourth of July fireworks — in the sky over Minneaopolis, IIRC on the night the Third Precinct burnt. At the time, I put it down to youthful exuberance, but now it seems odd. “Like clockwork” is odd. These days, I don’t like odd. Have any readers experienced this?

The Nova Scotia shooter case has hallmarks of an undercover operation Macleans

Black Injustice Tipping Point

One reported dead, one wounded in overnight Capitol Hill protest zone shooting — UPDATE Capitol Hill

Holy cow, Buchanan and the Slave Power almost made it. This thread is a must-read:

‘From Here to Equality’ Author Makes A Case, And A Plan, For Reparations NPR

Arrest warrant issued for woman who allegedly set Wendy’s in Atlanta on fire ABC

taking yes for an answer Fredrik deBoer

Imperial Collapse Watch

The ungoverned globe Benjamin Studebaker, Aeon

Class Warfare

Scientists’ warning on affluence Nature

“Workers Are Being Told to Shut Up and Work” Jacobin

Pseudo-materialism and class identity Carl Beijer

Poorest seniors shut out of California’s coronavirus meal program Los Angeles Times

Quotas Can Help Fix the Glaring Whiteness of America’s C-Suites Bloomberg

Socialism and the Argument against Race Reductionism Adloph Reed, New Labor Forum

Mekong region at risk of extreme weather events–report Inquirer.net

Sudan says talks on Ethiopia’s Nile dam did not produce deal Al Jazeera

COVID-19 is the quiz, climate change the final exam Jeff Masters, Yale Climate Connection. Sadly, Masters’ blog at Weather Underground is defunct; this is his new home.

Antidote du jour (via):

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