/Succinct Summations for week ending 7.17.2020

Succinct Summations for week ending 7.17.2020

Succinct Summations for the week ending July 17th, 2020


1. Markets were again up on the week despite very negative news flow;
2. CPI rose 0.6% m/o/m, above expectations.
3. Housing market index stands at 72 for July, above the expected 60.
4. Import and export prices both rose 1.4% m/o/m, exceeding expectations.
5. Industrial production rose 5.3% m/o/m, above expectations.


1. Covid Infections, Deaths spike, leading to reversal of several state re-openings;
2. Retail sales rose 7.5% m/o/m, below previous increase.
3. Jobless claims came in at 1.300M for the week, above expectations.for June, below expectations.
4. Housing starts came in at 1.186M; Home mortgage apps fell 6.0% w/o/w, below previous increase.
5. Business inventories fell 2.3% m/o/m, below previous decrease.

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