/BBRG: Five Midyear Questions for Disappointed Investors

BBRG: Five Midyear Questions for Disappointed Investors

Five Midyear Questions for Disappointed Investors
It’s been easy to get things wrong in markets in 2020, but self-examination can help to get things right.
Bloomberg, July 20, 2020




With the second quarter behind us, investors are evaluating how well their holdings have performed. The midpoint of the year is as good time as any to evaluate what you did right or wrong in a very challenging year.

Given how much panic selling we saw at the end of March, there surely are quite a few people who are disappointed with their results. If you are one of those folks, now is the time to determine where you went off track.

How did your portfolio do first half 2020? If you have not been especially happy with your results, or if you are having second thoughts about your investment philosophy, it is time to ask yourself some challenging questions:

Five Mid-Year Questions for Investors

1. What is my investing philosophy?
2. Where did I go wrong, and how am I tracking it?
3. How strong are my convictions?
4. What changes am I willing to make?
5. How can I stay on track in the future?

Answer those questions, and you have a guideline as to how to proceed in the second half of the year — and beyond.


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I originally published this at Bloomberg, July 20, 2020. All of my Bloomberg columns can be found here and here


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