/Links 7/26/2020

Links 7/26/2020

My search for the world’s most filmed polar bear led me to a fascinating and tragic world Scroll

The Guardian Doesn’t Get Ireland Tribune

How to change US housing to hit Paris Agreement goals Ars Technica

‘Green Economic Growth’ Is a Myth Motherboard (UserFriendly)

Big Tech Wants To Own You American Conservative

Nantes cathedral fire: volunteer arrested and charged with arson Guardian

Sports Desk

England vs Warne TLS


Texas braces for year’s first hurricane amid coronavirus outbreak Al Jazeera

UK quarantines travellers from Spain in major blow to Europe’s revival Reuters

UK PM Johnson Says Maybe He Could Have Managed Pandemic Differently The Wire

US universities under pressure to cut fees because of remote learning FT

These Elite Contact Tracers Show the World How to Beat Covid-19 Bloomberg (The Rev Kev)

Vietnam confirms its first local Covid-19 case since April The Print

One Word Spared Norway From COVID-19 Disaster Medium (Dr. Kevin)

The Eviction Ban Worked, but It’s Almost Over. Some Landlords Are Getting Ready. Pro Publica

Lockdown was the longest period of quiet in recorded human history MIT Technology Review

Friends of the IDF Lobby Group Secures Forgivable US COVID Loans for Israeli Soldiers MPN News (Dr. Kevin)

Serfs Revolt

700 CA. Hospital Workers Strike – UNC May Strike Over Reopening – Sheet Metal Strike in Missouri Payday Report

Class Warfare

The Police Tried to Make Me Medically Examine a Man Against His Will Zora (chuck l)

The Systematic Exploitation of Harvest Workers in Europe Der Spiegel

A State-by-State Look at Coronavirus in Prisons Marshall Project

Corporate Insiders Pocket $1 Billion in Rush for Coronavirus Vaccine NYT


The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It | Opinion Newsweek. Harvey A Risch. Important.

Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk Covid-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis American Journal of Epidemiology. Paper by  Harvey A. Risch (cirsium)

Confusion spreads over system to determine priority access to Covid-19 vaccines Stat

Major’ breakthrough in Covid-19 drug makes UK professors millionaires Guardian Important.

Chinese scientist at the center of COVID-19 origin theories speaks out Science (guurst)

Trump Transition

Unpresidented New York Review of Books

US Postal Service

‘A Combination of Forces Puts Our Postal Service at Grave Risk’ FAIR


Bill Binney on Russian “Hacking” Craig Murray

UK ‘Russia report’ fear mongers about meddling but finds no evidence Grayzone. Aaron Maté.

Police State Watch

Unpacking DHS’s Troubling Explanation of the Portland Van Video Lawfare (David L)

Police declare riot at Seattle protests, make arrests AP


Arizona Democratic Party HQ ‘Completely Destroyed’ In Arson Attack Huffpost


Suddenly, Obama’s Back: A Look At The Ex-President’s Political Re-Entry Forbes

As pandemic limits scrutiny, GOP fears lesser-known Democratic candidates will steamroll to Senate majority WaPo


China’s allies at loggerheads over Ethiopia dam – will Beijing intervene? SCMP

China bids to win back the Philippines Asia Times (The Rev Kev)

Men seen forcing open backdoor of China’s Houston consulate after closure Reuters. re Šilc: “never enough fed thugs around. china your move.”

Whose century? London Review of Books


India’s new fisheries policy will increase private control over open access water bodies Scroll

Bright Yellow Bullfrogs Emerge From The Ground After A Rainstorm In India The Animal Rescue Site (David L)


Argentina’s Peronist president on the virtues of Henry Ford capitalism FT


What Will Lula Do? Consortium News. Pepe Escobar.

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