/Links 8/2/2020

Links 8/2/2020

Wyoming’s ‘Bird Lady’ offers a haven for injured birds High Country News

Tech titans had their day before Congress. Now what? CNN

Landmark Fed business rescue struggles amid economy’s woes Politico

The Extremely Boring Idea That Could Save the Economy Slate (Re Silc: “Automatic stabilizers: learn them, live them, love them”).


We Need to Talk About Ventilation The Atlantic (cf. NC, May 25, 2020). Excellent round-up, well worth a read. A key paragraph:

Strikingly, in one database of more than 1,200 super-spreader events, just one incident is classified as outdoor transmission, where a single person was infected outdoors by their jogging partner, and only 39 are classified as outdoor/indoor events, which doesn’t mean that being outdoors played a role, but it couldn’t be ruled out. The rest were all indoor events, and many involved dozens or hundreds of people at once. Other research points to the same result: Super-spreader events occur overwhelmingly in indoor environments where there are a lot of people.

COVID-19 Data Dives: Why Arguments Against SARS-CoV-2 Aerosol Transmission Don’t Hold Water MedScape. A take-down of this article from JAMA. Also well worth a read, alone or in conjunction with the previous link. As it turns out, the terms “aerosol” and “airborne” are quite charged and contested. This thread from the author explains why:

Aboard the Diamond Princess, a Case Study in Aerosol Transmission NYT. Since aerosols are now coming up on the charts in the mainstream, let me point out that this key study, which sampled hospital air and cultured “competent virus” from it, also found the virus on hospital windowsills. Even it it floats around, like invisible tobacco smoke, the virus still has to land somewhere! So, even if fomites are not the main method of transmission, keep washing your hands and cleaning surfaces.

* * *

How does SARS-CoV-2 cause COVID-19? Science. “As a respiratory virus, SARS-CoV-2 must initially enter cells lining the respiratory tract. …ACE2 and TMPRSS2 expression to be highest [are] ciliated nasal epithelial cells, with lesser amounts in ciliated bronchial epithelial cells and type II alveolar epithelial cells (6). This translates to greater permissivity of upper versus lower respiratory tract epithelial cells for SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro and fits disease pathology.” The nose knows!

Harvard professor develops a $50 nasal spray to thwart the spread of COVID-19 Fast Company (study). Hilariously, a subscription model. If a mask infringes on your freedom…

You’d Rather Get a Coronavirus Vaccine Through Your Nose NYT

* * *

Trump planning for U.S. rollout of coronavirus vaccine falling short, officials warn Reuters

Rush To Produce, Sell Vaccine Put Kids In Philippines At Risk NPR. From 2019, still germane. There are 4,000 political appointees in the Federal government. They should all volunteer to be vaccinated as a public service and a condition of further employment. Federal electeds, as our representatives, should also volunteer to be vaccinated. I’m pro-vaccination generally (e.g., measles) as a proven public health measure, but the speed of Operation Warp Speed is concerning (as are the incentives for profit in our health care system).

* * *

Vermont to hand out 200,000 free masks WCAX

The World’s Most Luxurious Face Masks from Sculptor Gabriel Dishaw Luxuo (Re Silc).

* * *

How scientists revived an old-school treatment for a 21st century pandemic Los Angeles Times

A School Reopens, and the Coronavirus Creeps In NYT. On the first day of class….

Coronavirus: Russia plans mass vaccination campaign in October BBC

Great News About Births During Covid-19 Bloomberg

U.S. Created a Data Disaster With Its Uneven Covid Response Bloomberg. “The gap is due to decades of neglect of technological infrastructure, exacerbated by the country’s sprawling size and a state-by-state approach to collecting public health data. It has left not only government officials hunting for reliable data, but kept the public in the dark as well.” Not to mention health care-for-profit. The only data we really want to track is billing codes, and there’s an entire industry devoted to it (see NC here, here, and here).


China’s Three Gorges Dam is one of the largest ever created. Was it worth it? CNN. Very good. Personally, I always regard gigantism (the A380, Apple headquarters, Versailles) as a sign of coming decay.

The Politburo did not bark:

Hong Kong issues arrest warrant for U.S. citizen under new national security law NBC

Hong Kong third wave: free Covid-19 tests for residents as mainland Chinese clinical teams head to city South China Morning Post

A Newsroom at the Edge of Autocracy The Atlantic. The South China Morning Post.


India’s star state Kerala hit as virus forces return of Gulf workers FT

Sleeping patterns changed in lockdown, finds IIM Indore-IIT Madras Study Times of India


Unite sounds warning over Labour antisemitism payouts Guardian. Ka-ching.

On the NHS E.P. Thompson, London Review of Books. From 1987, still germane.

Grenfell Tower inquiry reveals more criminality by corporations involved in refurbishment WSWS (JMZ). NC Grenfell coverage here (gallery), here, here, here, and here).

Body Bags and Enemy Lists: How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers Planned for ‘Day X’ NYT

TechHub, once the heart of London’s start-up scene, goes bust FT

New Cold War

The ultimate high ground: Russia and US try to set rules for space weapons Christian Science Monitor

The Russians Are(n’t) Coming!: Paul Reveres, the Washington Hawks Are Not Antiwar.com

Trump Transition

Go Big On COVID Relief, Or Get Thrown Out Of Power The American Conservative

‘Progress’ but no deal as coronavirus talks head into next week The Hill

Comparison of the Heroes Act and HEALS Act Progressive Caucus Action Fund (GF). Very detailed table. Last updated: July 28, 2020, but very useful as a baseline for the sausage-marking in the coming week.

Postmaster general pick probed WaPo (via Arkansas Online).


Trump vs Biden: can America conduct a fair election? FT

Joe Biden May Delay VP Running Mate Decision For Another Week MSN

Clyburn says more important to have Black woman on Supreme Court than as VP PBS. Oh.

Biden’s Weak Link On Energy And Ethics Is An Ex-Obama Official With Deep Fossil Fuel Ties HuffPo

Police State Watch

Mask Off: LA Sheriff’s Department Parties in Hollywood KNOCK.LA

US sheriffs rebel against state mask orders even as Covid-19 spreads Guardian

* * *

Burns, bloody wounds, broken bones: Injuries mount at Portland protests Oregon Live

From 9/11 to Portland, it was inevitable ‘Homeland Security’ would be turned on the American people Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer

Kentucky town hires social workers instead of more officers – and the results are surprising Wave3

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Amazon says police demands for customer data have gone up Tech Crunch. When you invite a never-sleeping snitch into your house…..

Our Famously Free Press

Media’s ‘Cancel Culture’ Debate Obscures Direct Threats to First Amendment FAIR

L’Affaire Jeffrey Epstein

Met Police destroyed records for the night Prince Andrew allegedly had sex with teenager in London, says former Royal protection officer Daily Mail

Sports Desk

On a call with SEC leaders, worried football players pushed back: ‘Not good enough’ WaPo

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Army backs down from renaming Fort Slavery Was Cool DuffelBlog

Imperial Collapse Watch

Global Order in the Shadow of the Coronavirus: China, Russia and the West Lowy Institute. “The concept of a rules-based international order has been stripped of meaning, while liberalism faces its greatest crisis in decades.” Since Bush the Younger’s invasion of Iraq, I would say. If you want an inflection point, I’d pick the Abu Ghraib torture photos. Iconic!

Class Warfare

The Unemployment Crisis Is a True National Emergency The Intercept

It’s not just you: what’s going on with product shortages & what could be next The Prepared

Antidote du jour (PM):

PM writes from Basket Flat, WA: “Porch visitor!”

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