/Links 8/8/2020

Links 8/8/2020

You swine! German nudist chases wild boar that stole laptop Guardian (resilc)

Genomic Study Reveals New Zealand’s Tuatara Is Like No Other Animal on The Planet ScienceAlert (Kevin W)

Canada’s Last Fully Intact Arctic Ice Shelf Collapses HuffPost (Bob H)


Coronavirus wasn’t bad enough, so now there’s a new virus outbreak in China BGR (David L)

Gates Foundation Teams Up With Vaccine Maker To Produce $3 Covid-19 Shots Wall Street Journal


Corona: Cutting Corners in the Race for a Vaccine Der Spiegel (resilc)

Revealed: UK’s rapid Covid test not yet approved by regulators Guardian (resilc)

COVID-19 Is Raging. How Safe Is Your Backyard Party? Quanta (David L)

Wildlife deaths from coronavirus disinfectant use alarm scientists National Geographic (David L)


US records over 2,000 deaths in 24 hours for first time since May as death toll surpasses 160,000 – and Dr Fauci warns there is ‘trouble ahead’ for cities like Boston, Chicago and Detroit if they don’t act now to stop COVID-19 spread Daily Mail

That Georgia Teen Who Outed Her Mask-Less Classmates Just Got Her Suspension Revoked Vice

‘It’s just madness’: bikers throng South Dakota town despite Covid threat Guardian (Kevin W)

New York schools get the greenlight to reopen Financial Times

‘It’s okay when it comes out of Chuck Schumer’s mouth?’ Democrat senator says schools must reopen or economy suffers RT (Kevin W). America is exceptional again! We expect to get results different from every other country in the world. Even most school districts in retrograde Alabama will be online only for what is hoped to be only an initial period. New York will prove to be a test as to how low infections have to be before school openings don’t wind up making matters worse.


Coronavirus digest: European nations see infection spike DW


Security guards hired for hotel quarantine in an attempt at social inclusion Sydney Morning Herald (DH)

Political Responses

Coronavirus talks collapse as negotiators fail to reach deal The Hill. This is beyond terrible.

Second Stimulus Package: Trump Didn’t Issue Executive Order Today, Here Is What He Said About Extending Unemployment Benefits, Payroll Tax Cut, Eviction Moratorium And Student Loans Forbes (Kevin W)


Trump escalates anti-China campaign with Hong Kong sanctions Financial Times

Trump Blew Up More Than Just TikTok and WeChat Bloomberg

Banning TikTok: Are We Reproducing the Chinese Internet in America? Matt Stoller (Chuck L)

Trump advisers urge delisting of U.S.-listed Chinese firms that fail to meet audit standards Reuters (resilc)

Old Blighty

Clive Ponting, Hero Craig Murray (Chuck L)

Lebanon: a nation brought to its knees Financial Times

Was there a conspiracy by the Swiss courts and Attorney General`s office? Lucy Komisar. Switzerland has laws that make even saying bad things about banks a crime. A friend who is a famous international tax expert will not go to Switzerland about of concern about facing arrest for having lecture about Swiss bank secrecy.

New Cold War

State Department: We’re responsible for Russian, Iranian text message campaign Reuters (Bill B)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

U.S. Government Contractor Embedded Software in Apps to Track Phones Wall Street Journal (David L)

Imperial Collapse Watch

Could a World War II Shipwreck Cause the Next Beirut-Like Explosion? Popular Mechanics (resilc)

Government’s PACER Fees Are Too High, Federal Circuit Says Bloomberg. About time.


How South Korea Conducted Its Elections During the Pandemic: A Comparative Case Study Lawfare (David L)

If Biden Picks Rice as VP, It Strengthens His Worst Instincts Paul Jay

Susan Rice’s Considerable Past Fossil Fuel Investments Too Much Information

Turnout for Michigan’s August primary shatters records. What does that mean for November? Michigan Live


Police State Watch

George Floyd: US protesters charged as ‘gang’ face life sentence BBC (David L)

Coronavirus Clobbers Uber, Leading To $1.8 Billion Quarterly Loss ars technica

To Head Off Regulators, Google Makes Certain Words Taboo The Markup (DK)

Facebook Removes QAnon Conspiracy Group With 200,000 Members BBC

Private Equity Firm Bought Ancestry, and Its Trove of DNA, for $4.7B CNN. Blackstone.

Toshiba Formally and Finally Exits Laptop Business The Register. My first laptop was a Toshiba and it was a great machine by the standards of that day.

Guillotine Watch

Dan Gilbert’s Fortune Explodes to $34 Billion, Impoverished Region Still Paying for Arena Upgrades Cleveland Scene (Carla R)

After Elon Musk criticised Bernie Sanders’ brand of socialism, Sanders took him to task for taking billions of dollars in government support Business Insider (Kevin W)

‘Billionaire Wilderness’ author on inequality in Teton County, Wyoming Business Insider (resilc)

Class Warfare

America Is About To Feel Like A 3rd World Nation Ian Welsh (Bob K)

‘Stakeholder’ Capitalism Seems Mostly for Show Wall Street Journal (David L). Duh, but from an interesting source.

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