/Links 8/12/2020

Links 8/12/2020

Please Throw Away Your Onions New York magazine

Japan’s unknown indigenous cuisine BBC

A taste of honey: how bees mend fences between farmers and elephants Guardian

New UK company brings sustainable farming to shoppers The Pig Site<

‘One thing I’ve learned about modern farming – we shouldn’t do it like this’ Guardian

Pandemic a wake-up call to consider sustainable farming alternatives Shareable

Analysis: Diab was meant to fail. He did it well Al Jazeera

A dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter has a salty ocean beneath its surface, making it a contender for alien life Reuters

40 Ignorant People Getting Shut Down With Science Facts Bored Panda, Some of these are rather funny.

Boeing 747s Still Use Floppy Disks to Get Critical Software Updates Gizmodo


To Escape Covid-19, Grandma’s Living in the Backyard Bloomberg

With no end to the pandemic in sight, coronavirus fatigue grips America WaPo. To be fair, this phenomenon is by no manes unique to the US, and is occurring in other places that have not yet come to grip with the pandemic (see the Ilink filed under India below).

Experts: COVID-19 is spreading in Hawaii at a faster rate than anywhere else in the nation Hawaii News Now

San Quentin’s coronavirus outbreak shows why ‘herd immunity’ could mean disaster Yahoo

Big Ten and Pac-12 Are First Marquee Conferences to Postpone Football NYT

Delay routine dental checkups, WHO urges, until COVID-10 risk is known Thomson Reuters

Winter is coming: Why America’s window of opportunity to beat back Covid-19 is closing Stat


How Much Worse Will It Get for New York’s Restaurants? New York magazine

Retail Chains Abandon Manhattan: ‘It’s Unsustainable’ NYT


Evidence is growing, but what will it take to prove masks slow the spread of COVID-19? Seattle Times

Russia says it has a covid vaccine called “Sputnik-V” MIT Technology Review

Russia’s approval of virus vaccine greeted with some alarm AP

Antibody drugs could be one of the best weapons against Covid-19. But will they matter? Stat

Population immunity is slowing down the pandemic in parts of the US MIT Technology Review

Trump Transition

White House clarifies limits of jobless aid plan as talks with Congress dim Wapo Reminder that executive orders are often no more than press releases.

Trump weighs blocking Americans at the Mexico border, but legal authority is shaky and no decision has been made WaPo As a US citizen stranded for the moment outside the US, I nonetheless watch such legally questionable musings with trepidation.


Covid-19: UK economy plunges into deepest recession since records began Guardian

United States Postal Service

Trump’s Attack on the Postal Service Is a Threat to Democracy—and to Rural America New Yorker

Waste Watch

Which Fabrics Are Most Sustainable? TreeHugger

Class Warfare

Cuomo Is Protecting His Wall Street Donors From Democratic Tax Bills TMI


MSM Smear Merchants Target Critics Of Establishment China Narratives Caitlin Johnstone

South China Sea: Chinese military told not to fire first shot in stand-off with US forces SCMP


The Rise of Nationalism Has Led to the Increased Repression of Minorities Counterpunch. Patrick Cockburn.

Delhi riots: Young residents share the trauma of profound loss, betrayal and injustice The Scroll

Too Many Questions Remain Unanswered in India’s Proposal to Regulate Non-Personal Data The Wire

China-India border talks stall, sparking calls for Modi to get tough on Beijing SCMP

Bengal: With vegetable prices soaring, residents feel the lockdown heat Indian Express

Indian villagers tire of coronavirus rules just as rural cases surge Reuters. Echoiing what is occurring in much of the rest of the world.


Kamala Harris an underwhelming VP pick by Joe Biden: Goodwin NY Post I’ll say.

Why Did It Have To Be Kamala? American Conservative

Omar fends off primary challenge in Minnesota The Hill

New GOP headache as candidate condemned for racist videos wins Republican primary Politico

Just because you might not like the source doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a point:

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