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Its always nice to receive recognition for pod, and a perfect example is this list of Fifteen Must-Listen Business Podcasts for Advisors. You will recognize many of the podcasts here, but a few were new to me.

This sums up MiB better than I could ever could myself:

“If you want extended conversations with the most celebrated financial and cultural innovators, the Bloomberg “Masters in Business” podcast is for you. Bloomberg columnist Barry Ritholtz has a rolodex so massive that it must have its own ZIP code. I can’t think of a substantial figure in finance, business or economics who has not been on the show. These are not puff pieces. Ritholtz is very informed and doesn’t hesitate to ask tough questions and tougher follow-ups. Most of the episodes last over an hour, but some are substantially longer. There are riches to be had here for those who have the attention span.”

That’s what I had in mind when the show launched, and I am thrilled people are appreciating it in  that way.

A lovely 6th year anniversary present!




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