/Links 8/25/2020

Links 8/25/2020

Cat v panel heater: Which is better? OneRoof (Mark T). News you can use!

Tiny Elephant Shrew Resurfaces After More Than 50 Years On Lost Species List NPR (Kevin W). Hah, it was “lost” in the other sense of the word….

Mantis Shrimp Have The Ocean’s Fastest Punch. Now We Know How Their Claws Survive Science Alert. Chuck L: “More amazing stuff about the mantis shrimp: Mantis Shrimp Can See Cancer Before Symptoms Appear.”

Jordan Grider died while camping alone in the Boundary Waters. Was he devoured by wolves? Duluth News Tribune (Chuck L)

Could Planet 9 be a primordial black hole? PhysOrg (Chuck L)

Earth Appears to Be Travelling Through The Debris of Ancient Supernovae ScienceAlert (Kevin W)

A Tiny Space Rock Holds Clues About the Evolution of Life engadget

Paris: ‘World’s largest urban rooftop farm’ in progress – BBC. Resilc: “People in Cairo have done this for decades. We used to see livestock on roofs in the 80s………” Moi: “By contrast, a tourist attraction in the US.”

‘Black Suns’ at Louvre Lens: Coal mines transformed into gift shops PeoplesWorld

Children Raised In Greener Areas Have Higher IQ, Study Finds Guardian. So there was upside to growing up in small towns. Or not? The study was limited to “greener urban areas”.


Usain Bolt tests positive for COVID-19 Punch


Dutch, Belgian patients ‘reinfected with coronavirus’ RTE. Uh oh.


Long delays at U.S.-Mexico border crossings after new travel restrictions Reuters


Germany’s New Coronavirus Infections Close to Four-Month High Bloomberg

French naturist camp hit by ‘very worrying’ Covid outbreak Guardian


In India, coronavirus has created a ‘crisis within a crisis’ by bringing migration abroad to a halt The Scroll (J-LS)


What Travel Will Look Like After Coronavirus Wall Street Journal

Why China’s commercial property market’s resilience amid the coronavirus pandemic shouldn’t be taken at face value South China Morning Post


NO THANK EU! Brussels throws out Britain’s Brexit blueprint & urges EU nations to remain ‘cold blooded’ as deadline looms The Sun

Whitehall gets ready for no-deal Brexit and coronavirus second wave The Times. And a rain of frogs too?

The Irish Sea border means chaos looms, even with a Brexit deal Guardian

Old Blighty

Over 60 million chickens in England and Wales rejected over disease and defects Guardian

Swiss Political System: More than You ever Wanted to Know (I.) 250BPM. Vlade is back from holiday and now we know what he missed while he was away.

New Cold War

Jared Kushner made a deal with Russia for ventilators, but every machine was faulty, report says Business Insider (resilc)


India must treat the oil spill near Mauritius as SoS. Lockdown has left seafarers exhausted The Print (J-LS)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Bridgefy, the Messenger Promoted For Mass Protests, Is a Privacy Disaster ars technica. As Lambert would put it, they say it as if it’s a bad thing.

Trump Transition

Trump officials delay key permit for Alaska’s Pebble Mine Washington Post. UserFriendly: “LOL. What would it take to get Trump JR to go fishing everywhere they want to drill for oil?”

President Trump’s attempt to bypass Congress on stimulus is offering only limited economic relief Washington Post. UserFriendly: “It’s a sick sad world where the fact that rich people are doing well is evidence that no more help is needed.”

2020. I am leaving the Republican Convention to Lambert’s Water Cooler but feel free to discuss among yourselves in comments.

Trump wields California power woes to attack Biden Politico (Kevin W)

Hat tip Barry Ritholtz, via resilc:

Thanks, Obama: You Lie Counterpunch

The Only Thing ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Is Our Stupidity Vice

Jerry Falwell Jr. says his wife had an affair with the Florida ‘pool boy,’ claims they were being blackmailed The Week (Dr. Kevin). Another version of this story got some attention in comments. Honestly the only reason this merits notice is top evangelicals are political figures.

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Wisconsin Governor deploys National Guard to Kenosha after protests break out in wake of brutal police shooting WSWS

‘We Want Justice’: Mass Demonstrations and Marches Erupt Nationwide to Protest Police Shooting of Jacob Blake Common Dreams

Kenosha burns: BLM protesters set light to department of corrections building and local businesses while looters run riot for second night in defiance of the National Guard deployed to restore order following Jacob Blake police shooting Daily Mail. The headline and ordering of the pix is obviously slanted, but there are many images.

California Burning

A visual essay of California’s record-setting fire season SF Chronicle

Abandoned by authorities, these fire-threatened towns set up their own FEMA-like response Los Angeles Times

2,000-year-old redwoods survive wildfire at California’s oldest state park NBC (David L)

Fires trigger historic shutdown of Greater Bay Area parks, with up to 200 closures SF Chronicle

Are U.S. Utilities About To Become Politicized? OilPrice (resilc). Much better than the headline.

After Beirut, ports around the world searched for dangerous chemicals. Some didn’t like what they found. MSN (Kevin W)

What Is Yield Curve Control? St. Louis Fed. Userfriendly: “Fed admits it can set the yield on bonds.”

Opinion: Nouriel Roubini says reports of the dollar’s demise are greatly exaggerated MarketWatch (resilc)

Facebook To Pay More Than $110 Million In Back Taxes In France Reuters

The Bezzle

Chinese-Made Smartphones Are Secretly Stealing Money From People Around the World BuzzFeed

It’s called vomit fraud. And it could make your Uber trip really expensive Chicago Tribune (Robert M). Another reason never to use Uber.

Class Warfare

‘Funk Money’: The End of Empires, The Expansion of Tax Havens, and Decolonization as an Economic and Financial Event Oxford Academic (Chuck L)

Antidote du jour. Please extend your sympathies. Stephen T:

A couple of weeks ago, I lost my cat Maxi. She was tremendously dear to me, and I wish to honor her by asking you to include the attached photo of her as an Antidote on NC. I miss her terribly. It’s a picture from back in the day, when she was young and still had most of her 15 years, 10 months ahead of her. Not after lymphoma had taken away so much of her vitality (though she was still beautiful, and always will be). It’s how I want to remember her, and how I feel everyone should see her, and know what I lost when the only creature who ever truly loved me passed away.

And a bonus video (David L):

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