/Links 8/26/2020

Links 8/26/2020

The End of Oil Is Near SIerra Club

Norway oil fund chief drama has exposed weaknesses in country’s model FT

Green swans: Why climate change is unlike any other financial risk In The Black (periol). The BIS and accounting standards material is interesting.

Will We Ever Listen To The Warnings? David Sirota, Too Much Information

UN-backed climate fund faces wave of abuse allegations from staff FT

How the shadow of slavery still hangs over global finance The Conversation

California Wildfires

California Fires Live Updates: Firefighters Make Progress in ‘Marathon’ Battle NYT

Yes, climate change is almost certainly fueling California’s massive fires MIT Technology Review

US Media Can’t Think How to Fight Fires Without $1-an-Hour Prison Labor FAIR

Caixin Reveals Details of Chinese Developers at Centre of LA Bribery Scandal Caixin

Lobbyist agrees to plea deal in L.A. City Hall corruption case LA Times


This Devastating Spill Is a Big Problem for Oil Bloomberg

Plages souillées: pas de baignade avant 6 mois? L’Express (Colonel Smithers). Google translation.


Four scenarios on how we might develop immunity to Covid-19 Stat

Two metres or one: what is the evidence for physical distancing in covid-19? British Medical Journal

Some people can get the pandemic virus twice, a study suggests. That is no reason to panic Science

The China Syndrome Part I: Outbreak Quillette. This looks very good.

‘Heinous!’: Coronavirus researcher shut down for Wuhan-lab link slams new funding restrictions Nature

Scientists Are Racing to Develop Paper-Based Tests for Covid-19 Smithsonian

Conservatives sue to knock down Tony Evers’ health emergency, mask mandate Journal-Sentinel. By contrast:

Articles of impeachment drawn up against Gov. Mike DeWine over coronavirus orders Cleveland.com

Why the United States is having a coronavirus data crisis Nature

Lex in-depth: why rescue finance will slow recovery for businesses FT


Trump administration weighs accusing China of ‘genocide’ over Uighurs Politico

GM Sells 15,000 Low-Cost EVs For China In First 20 Days Jalopnik (Re Silc).

Our schools couldn’t afford that many basketballs:

Except the private ones, of course.


A Hidden Tycoon, African Explosives, and a Loan from a Notorious Bank: Questionable Connections Surround Beirut Explosion Shipment OCCRP

Palestine deleted Mondoweiss

Africa declared free of wild polio in ‘milestone’ BBC


Germany to Push Greece and Turkey to Resume Talks on Energy Clash Bloomberg

New Cold War

Might Belarus become the next Syria? The Saker

The Back And Forth About Navalny’s ‘Poisoning’ Moon of Alabama. If Putin poisoned Navalny, why on earth was Navalny allowed to leave Russia to be treated in a German hospital?

Trump and Putin’s Pandemic Duet: Trump’s America Is Far More out of Tune CSIS

Russia Just Declassified Footage of the Largest Nuke Ever Tested Vice (Re Silc).

Trump Transition

In reversal, Trump kills huge Alaskan gold mine. Here’s why Science

Terminating payroll tax could end Social Security benefits in 2023, chief actuary warns NBC

Republican National Convention

Republicans sought to strike a hopeful tone on Day 2 of their convention USA Today

Speaker removed from RNC program after tweeting anti-Semitic conspiracy theory CNN

Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins on QAnon and disinformation Columbia Journalism Review


Elites Yearn for a Restoration Abroad Under Biden WSJ

Big Brother Is Watching You

Customs and Border Protection Paid $476,000 to a Location Data Firm in New Deal Vice

Activists find camera inside mysterious box on power pole near union organizer’s home FOX13

Police State Watch

Inside The Seething White Heart Of The Blue Lives Matter Movement Gothamist

Health Care

Preparing for the Next Pandemic Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine

Black Injustice Tipping Point


The Burning House The Nation. “Rather than create a nation of homeowners, the housing programs of the Great Society, which relied on public-private ventures that almost always benefited the private interests, only helped to intensify racial disparities.” Oh, Lordie, public-private partnerships.

Failed State

The Case for Climate Action: Building a Clean Economy for the American People (PDF) Senate Democrats’ Special Committee on the Climate Crisis. The final two paragraphs:

Imagine if the political polarities on climate change suddenly reversed. Imagine if the big trade associations were led by the science and the economics of climate change, not by fossil fuel money. Imagine how quickly Congress could act if powerful trade associations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers became advocates for serious pro-climate policies. Imagine if the powerful banking, agricultural, financial services, technology, and consumer products lobbies came in and demanded real climate action.

Corporate America need not imagine this. Corporate America can make it happen. When it decides to show up.

Legal Interventions to Address US Reductions in Life Expectancy JAMA.

Age-based, geographic, and socioeconomic status disparities collectively diminish average life expectancy. Midlife “diseases of despair” (eg, suicides, drug overdoses, and alcohol-related conditions), firearm violence, and obesity also are contributing factors for reduced life expectancy, especially in rural counties, the industrial Midwest, and Appalachia. Life expectancy gaps among the richest and poorest 1% of the population are estimated to exceed 10 years for women and 14 years for men. Stated simply, poorer, less-educated individuals in the US live considerably shorter lives. This pattern of inequality has been highlighted further during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Complete, across-the-board failure by the political class in its entirety at the most basic, material level. Or overwhelming success, depending.

Class Warfare

America’s Terrible Internet Is Making Quarantine Worse The Atlantic

‘I am beside myself’: millions in the US face evictions amid looming crisis Guardian

‘You Couldn’t Swipe Fast Enough’: How the Pandemic Devastated Instacart Workers Vice (Re Silc).

Bullion funds strike it rich delivering gold to London vaults Mining.com

Organizational Evolution at the Washington Free Health Clinic Grassroots Economic Organizing

How to End America’s Loneliness Epidemic Blloomberg

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