/Links 8/28/2020

Links 8/28/2020

Raising orphaned baby wombats under lockdown National Geographic

Fed’s new inflation goal lifts stocks and dents bonds FT

Bank Capital in a Public Health Crisis: Reflecting on Twin Challenges Regulation Asia

Past world economic production constrains current energy demands: Persistent scaling with implications for economic growth and climate change mitigation PLOS One

Tax, economics, audit and accounting are all intimately theoretically related – but almost no one seems to notice Tax Research UK


SARS-CoV-2 infection of human iPSC-derived cardiac cells predicts novel cytopathic features in hearts of COVID-19 patients (preprint) bioRxiv. From the abstract: “COVID-19 causes cardiac dysfunction in up to 50% of patients, but the pathogenesis remains unclear…. These striking transcriptomic and cytopathic changes provide a roadmap to understand the mechanisms of COVID-19 cardiac damage, search for potential treatments, and determine the basis for prolonged cardiac morbidity observed in this pandemic.” Important!

97,000 People Got Convalescent Plasma. Who Knows if It Works? Wired

* * *

The latest in the global race for a COVID-19 vaccine AEI. And to be fair–

A Comprehensive COVID-19 Vaccine Plan Topher Spiro and Zeke Emanuel, Center for American Progress

Moderna and Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine candidates require ultra-low temperatures, raising questions about storage, distribution MarketWatch (Re Silc).

* * *

France makes masks mandatory everywhere in Paris from Friday Reuters

LG’s battery-powered face mask will “make breathing effortless” Ars Technica (Re Silc). Somebody had to be first out of the gate, but the product spec only talks about inhalation, not exhalation. Also, hardly fashion-forward.

What’s the Korean for “maskhole“?

OK, OK, I know I’m shaming, which didn’t work to induce condom-wearing in the AIDS epidemic, but holy moley!

* * *

Workers and customers are catching COVID-19. Should businesses escape blame? LA Times

U.S. Buys Almost All Abbott’s $5 Rapid Tests Made This Year Bloomberg. I think we should budget societally for spontaneous daily testing. Hence, the price point should be 99¢ or less (assuming a market-based solution).

A dilemma for ‘long-haulers’: Many can’t prove they ever had Covid-19 STAT

Most Approve of National Response to COVID-19 in 14 Advanced Economies Pew Research (DG). Note the exceptions:

DG comments: “The distemper is mainly Anglo-American. The question may be put: Result of the delusions of Anglo-American capitalism that now are more than evident? Resentments at the end of Empire? Fear and anger at the collapse of the supply lines to the Royal Capitals, where the supplies of caviar, bottled fizzy water, cleaning ladies, and bespoke suits are running low? Or a very obvious indication that the rapacious class structure of Anglo-America has produced rotten fruit?” The difficulty here is that three of the other Anglo-capitalist Five Eyes (Australia, Canada, and, I suspect, New Zealand) do not suffer from this “distemper.” Perhaps being the Imperial heartland — once the U.K., now the U.S. — is uniquely debilitating.

Abe to resign due to health condition Japan Times

How possible successors stack up if Prime Minister Abe resigns Asahi Shimbun


China Built A Vast New Infrastructure To Imprison Uighurs Buzzfeed. Interesting methodology.

No escape:

US sanctions 24 Chinese companies over South China Sea island building CNN

Demand for Sand Sucks Life From China’s Largest Freshwater Lake Sixth Tone

Māo (猫), a thread of poems:

Pakistan army muscles in on Belt and Road project FT

Japan, India and Australia to Seek Supply Chain Pact Bloomberg

The Koreas

South Korea urges work from home as country reports most daily cases since March Reuters

Hanoi’s growing homeless population struggle with lockdown measures Globe_

Can yeast oil save rainforests from palm oil plantation pressure? Deutsche Welle


Syria war: American troops hurt as Russian and US military vehicles collide BBC


This is the bogus anti-Semitism report that sank Jeremy Corbyn Electronic Intifada vs. Labour official denies ‘grand plan’ to sabotage Corbyn’s 2017 election bid Guardian. Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.

‘Stop this wetness!’: the roots of Boris Johnson’s watery contempt Guardian

British Army could axe ageing tanks as part of modernisation plans BBC

Peru passes Belgium as world’s deadliest Covid-19 hot spot Straits Times

New Cold War

Belarus protests stoke sea change at state media outlets Financial Times

Security strongmen take on key role in Russian Arctic policy The Barents Observer


America and Russia in the 1990s: This is what real meddling looks like Yasha Levine, Immigrants as a Weapon. Levine comments:

Musical interlude (lyrics).

Trump Transition

CDC director walks back testing guidance, but does not alter recommendations on website NBC

Republican National Convention

US election 2020 LIVE as it happened: Donald Trump accepts Republican nomination at the RNC and lashes Joe Biden, Democrats Sidney Morning Herald

3 takeaways from the final night of the Republican National Convention WaPo. “[Trump] added later: ‘We will have a safe and effective vaccine this year, and we will crush the virus.’” As I’ve been saying for some time.


Death Was the Theme of Both the RNC and the DNC The Nation

Democratic National Convention C-SPAN and Republican National Convention C-SPAN

O.C.’s bishop, a $12-million problem and a secret fight stretching to the Vatican LA Times

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Google wants to listen in to whatever you get up to in hotel rooms The Register


Julian Assange in ‘a lot of pain’ says partner after first prison visit in nearly six months Evening Standard

The Protests

Map of Minneapolis businesses damaged, looted after night of unrest Star-Tribune. No banks or payday lenders in the list of businesses.

‘Mostly Peaceful’ Rioting And Looting Is Helping Trump’s Campaign Moon of Alabama. This screenshot with chyron captures the contradictions among CNN listeners clearly clearly:

In a contest between justice and property values, property values have form, although punters would do well to remember that standard disclaimers apply (see Sports Desk).

‘MOMMAS BOY’ Who is Kyle’s mom Wendy Rittenhouse and did she drive him to Kenosha the night of the shooting? The Sun. Last night, there was a rash of tweets saying she did, but no evidence.

Blue Lives Matter Supporters Say Kyle Rittenhouse Not Reflective Of Most Peaceful Apologists For Police State The Onion

Our Famously Free Press

Facebook, Snapchat and the Dawn of the Post-Truth Era Wired. From 2018, still germane. The author comments:

Maybe Rashomon needs to go on our list of Favorite Political Movies.

Imperial Collapse Watch

Contested future: What next for the west? FT. A review of Thomas Frank’s The People, No.

COVID-19: Without Help, Low-Income Developing Countries Risk a Lost Decade IMFBlog

Sports Desk

Inside the hectic hours around a historic NBA boycott ESPN. Yo, Postal Workers, Teamsters, Flight Attendants, Longshore and Warehouse workers.

Three MLB games, including Dodgers-Giants, called off as teams protest Jacob Blake shooting CBS

Class Warfare

How Covid-19 Is Increasing Inequality Tribune

Congress left town and let jobless benefits lapse. Unemployed Americans say they won’t forget it. WaPo

Washington Postal Workers Defy USPS Orders And Reinstall Mail Sorting Machines Forbes

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