/Weekly Covid-19 News Round-Up for 8.30.20

Weekly Covid-19 News Round-Up for 8.30.20

My helpful collection of resources and information for your easy like Sunday morning reads:

How to Stay Safe:

The Theory that Could Explain Asymptomatic Cases of COVID-19: According to various estimates, between 20 and 45 percent of the people who get COVID-19 — and possibly more, according to a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — sail through a coronavirus infection without realizing they ever had it. No fever or chills. No loss of smell or taste. No breathing difficulties. They don’t feel a thing. (Slate)
• Most masks feel awful. LG’s breathable mask might finally change that — it may just be the perfect COVID-19 mask. (Fast Company)
• The Once-in-a-Century Impact of Covid-19 Deaths (Bloomberg)
• Did Pangolin Trafficking Cause the Coronavirus Pandemic? (New Yorker)

Vaccine, Testing & Treatment Medical News:

•  COVID-19 Update: FDA Authorizes First Diagnostic Test Where Results Can Be Read Directly From Testing Card (FDA)
• FDA clears saliva test for Covid-19, opening door to wider testing (Stat)
• What We Really Know About the Risk of Coronavirus Reinfection (Slate)
• Yale’s rapid COVID-19 saliva test receives FDA emergency use authorization (YaleNews)
• Population immunity is slowing down the pandemic in parts of the US (MIT Technology Review)
• CDC was pressured ‘from the top down’ to change Covid-19 testing guidance, official says (CNN)
• FDA, under pressure, authorizes blood plasma as Covid-19 treatment (Stat) see also FDA, Trump Officials Misrepresent Key Data on Covid Plasma Therapy (Bloomberg) see also FDA chief apologizes for overstating plasma effect on virus (AP)
• Why America’s COVID Testing Is Trash (Slate)
• Forty percent of U.S. Covid-19 tests come back too late to be clinically meaningful, data show (CNBC)

Aid, Assistance & Economics:

Economy hurting after Congress fails to act on stimulus “When you have $60 billion less going to families,” former U.S. Treasury economist Ernie Tedeschi told POLITICO, “that means that there’s going to be something close to that less in spending.” (Politico)
• Prices Rise for NY Apartments With a Must-Have Feature: Outdoor space (Bloomberg)
• How has the pandemic changed working lives? (Economist)
• ‘The Big Short 2.0’: How Hedge Funds Profited Off the Pain of Malls (New York Times)
• Real Estate Investors Skip Paying Loans While Raising Billions (Bloomberg)
• I’m an Emergency Room Doctor. The USPS Crisis Is a Life or Death Matter for Many. (Courier)
• Covid-19 Pandemic Drives Patients—and Deal Makers—to Telemedicine (Wall Street Journal)
• Coronavirus Shutdown Stings New Jersey Mall’s Bondholders (Wall Street Journal)
• New Covid-19 Layoffs Make Job Reductions Permanent (Wall Street Journal)
• Heat, Smoke and Covid Are Battering the Workers Who Feed America (New York Times)

We Suck at this:

Why the United States is having a coronavirus data crisis: Political meddling, disorganization and years of neglect of public-health data management mean the country is flying blind (Nature)
• Almost 50 North Texans Drank Bleach This Month, Poison Center Warns ‘Stop, It Won’t Cure COVID’ (CBS Dallas / Fort Worth)
• The Coronavirus Generation: The virus doesn’t sicken kids as much as adults. But it can still destroy their futures. A child allowance would help. (New York Times)
• How the Pandemic Defeated America (The Atlantic)
• How Mike Pence slowed down the coronavirus response (Politico)
• Fauci says he was in surgery when task force discussed CDC testing guideline (CNN)
• How Trump let Covid-19 win Trump’s magical thinking couldn’t beat the coronavirus. America is stuck with the consequences. (Vox)
• Covid Gag Rules at U.S. Companies Are Putting Everyone at Risk (Businessweek)
• Covid-19 Surge in Illinois Is Inflamed by Rural Counties (WSJ)


Universities sound alarm as coronavirus cases emerge just days into classes — 530 at one campus: Nearly 160 at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Dozens at the University of Southern California: Universities sound alarm as coronavirus cases emerge just days into classes — 530 at one campus (MSN)
• Why Are Coronavirus Cases Decreasing? Experts Say Restrictions Are Working (New York Times)
• Australia’s Victoria state posts lowest COVID-19 case rise in two months (Reuters)
• Ford Rethinks the Office, Betting That Work Will Be Partly Remote Longer-Term (Wall Street Journal)
• New Thinking on Covid Lockdowns: They’re Overly Blunt and Costly (Wall Street Journal)


How epidemiological models of COVID-19 help us estimate the true number of infections

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