/Links 9/7/2020

Links 9/7/2020

Drive-ins: A new way to watch live performances BBC

Researchers reveal true scale of megalodon shark for first time Guardian

8 Magnificent Facts About Mongooses TreeHugger

The paradox of Graham Greene – searching for peace in the world’s warzones Spectator

Kate Manne on the Costs of Male Entitlement New Yorker (furzy)

How the “success story” of genetically modified cotton in Burkina Faso fell apart Quart Africa (furzy)

Goat climbs into deputy’s car, chews papers in Georgia Fox

Sports Desk

The Milwaukee Bucks Strike Is Part of a Long Tradition of Athlete Resistance TruthOut


Ball Don’t Lie New York Review of Books

Damage Assessment WaPo

Vermont’s First Trans State Representative Is Fighting For Her Community Them (re Šilc)

No, the Pandemic Is Not Emptying Out America’s Cities Curbed (UserFriendly)

Reminder: The Rich Have Always Fled Cities in Epidemics TreeHugger

Abuse survivors call trusts ‘fraudulent’ Albuquerque Journal (Dan K)

Frenchman blows up part of house while chasing fly NY Post


Fauci warns that Labor Day celebrations could drive Covid-19 spikes Stat

America Doesn’t Have a Coherent Strategy for Asymptomatic Testing. It Needs One. ProPublica

RISK FACTOR What’s your risk of catching Covid… from opening your post to going to work or a bar? The Sun

Team behind the Russian vaccine publishes some details of early trials Ars Technica

Bolton and Manchester put on ‘red alert’ as infections reach five month high Metro UK


China’s post-Covid-19 travel industry sees green shoots with tourists embracing short trips, luxury stays in lessons for global operators SCMP


What Joe Biden’s presidency might mean for H-1B visas and Indian immigration to the US Scroll

As cases mount, India studying Russian proposal for Covid-19 vaccine Times of India

Delhi Metro resumes services after 169 days with strict safety measures, new timings The Print


Germany Debates Halting Contentious Russian Pipeline Project Der Spiegel


Belarus protesters continue pressure on Lukashenko with new march Al Jazeera

Julian Assange

WikiLeaks’ Assange to fight US extradition bid in UK court AP

EDITORIAL: A Trial Begins in London Consortium News

At A Time Of Rapidly Creeping Authoritarianism, Assange’s Freedom Is More Crucial Than Ever Caitlin Johnstone

If Trump Pardons Snowden, He Will Have My Vote American Conservative

Health Care

Georgia Governor Wants Out of Obamacare Health Exchange Pew Charitable Trusts (UserFriendly)


UK plan to undermine withdrawal treaty puts Brexit talks at risk FT. Take a gander at the comments.

Five weeks to seal Brexit… or we walk: Boris Johnson threatens to TEAR UP Withdrawal Agreement and remove Irish customs pledge as he insists No Deal would be ‘good outcome’ Daily Mail

Brexit back in crisis as UK threatens to undercut divorce pact Reuters

Class Warfare

The Labor Day Graph That Says It All David Sirota

Payday & Visu.News VideoJournalist Zach Roberts Shot by Rochester Police w/ Pepper Pellet Payday Report

US shareholder rule proposals blasted as ‘draconian’ FT

Disdain for the Less Educated Is the Last Acceptable Prejudice NYT Michael Sandel.

Black Injustice Tipping Point

College newsrooms challenge an industry’s status quo Columbia Journalism Review


House Democrats Demand Climate Be a “Centerpiece” of the 2020 Presidential Debates Mother Jones (re Šilc)

Why Facebook’s political-ad ban is taking on the wrong problem MIT Technology Review

Ralph Nader lays out 7 things the Democratic Party must do to landslide Trump AlterNet

After Trump Loss, ‘Deplorables’ Will Be The Democrats’ First Target American Conservative

I need money, review of Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden, by Branko Marcetic, London Review of Books.

Rebuilding the Economy Will Require Joe Biden to Think Very Differently Than 2009 Intercept. James K. Galbraith. From earlier this week but I don’t believe we’ve linked to it yet.

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