/Links 9/9/2020

Links 9/9/2020

Jiří Menzel: a daring, defiant beacon of European cinema Guardian (vlade)

If the Shark in “Jaws” Scared You, Wait Until You Meet “Meg” Interesting Engineering (Chuck L)

California Scientists Build A Camera To Take Pictures Of Huge Swath Of Sky NPR (David L)

Wildfire burning ‘out of control’ at Vancouver Island ecological reserve CTVNews (David L)

Shorter lifespan of faster-growing trees will add to climate crisis, study finds Guardian (Kevin W)

The Coming Global Technology Fracture Project Syndicate


Tech Firms Face Growing Resentment Toward Parent Employees During COVID-19 CNET


AstraZeneca Pauses Vaccine Trial After Test Subject Gets Ill Bloomberg. Oops.

Fauci says a coronavirus vaccine is ‘unlikely’ by U.S. election CNBC

COVID-19 is, in the end, an endothelial disease European Heart Journal

What bats can teach us about developing immunity to Covid-19 Financial Times (furzy)

A New Theory Asks: Could a Mask Be a Crude ‘Vaccine’? New York Times


Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is now linked to more than 250,000 cases Mother Jones (David L)

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may account for 19 percent of US COVID-19 cases in August Popular Science (resilc). And the study: The Contagion Externality of a Superspreading Event: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and COVID-19 IZA Institute of Labor Economics

SD governor criticizes study suggesting Sturgis bike rally led to 260,000 COVID-19 cases USA Today (David L)

NYC Bus Drivers in Line of Fire as Some Riders Flout Mask Rules The City


Special Report: How COVID-19 swept the Brazilian slaughterhouses of JBS, world’s top meatpacker Reuters (resilc)


Coronavirus: Social gatherings above six banned in England from 14 September BBC

If 10% of companies who took Covid loans think they might cease trading we’re in deep trouble Richard Murphy


With Washington Deadlocked on Aid, States Face Dire Fiscal Crises New York Times. Resilc: “If Trump loses quick, then he will really walk away in Nov-Dec, states die.”

McConnell works to lock down GOP votes for coronavirus bill The Hill. Skinny bill does nothing for states and not enough for small businesses.

JPMorgan Probing Employees’ Role in Misuse of Relief Funds Bloomberg

Manhattan’s Office Buildings Are Empty. But for How Long? New York Times (Kevin W)


If India wants to hold moral high ground along the LAC amid China faceoff, it must stand by Tibet The Scroll


At least 37M people displaced by war on terror: researchers The Hill

Haggia Sophia reborn. Sic Semper Tyrannis (Chuck L)

Israeli Defense Minister Pushing for 5,000 New Settlement Homes in West Bank Antiwar

Big Brother is Watching You Watching

DAY TWO OF ASSANGE HEARING: US Tries to Narrow its Espionage Charge to Only Naming Informants; Defense Witness Crumbles Under Cross Examination ConsortiumNews (furzy)

Your Smartphone Can Tell If You’re Drunk-Walking Wired. One, carry only a dumb phone or pull the smart phone battery out. Two, develop a drunk-walking dance step.

Apple, Amazon, Google, and Zigbee Alliance Standard For Smart Home Tech On Track For 2021 Release MacRumors. Burn it with fire.

Tesla Can Detect Aftermarket Hacks Designed To Defeat EV Performance Paywalls The Drive

Trump Transition

DOJ Seeks to Take Over Trump Defense in E. Jean Carroll Defamation Lawsuit Bloomberg (furzy)

Trump accuses Pentagon leaders of wanting to ‘fight wars’ to make defense companies rich Task & Purpose. Resilc: “Does he realize he is Commander in Chief?”

A Tribute to the President Trump Centennial Classic Arms

FREE Trump Coin! Proud Patriots (resilc)


Democrats sound alarm on possible election chaos The Hill

With Two Months To Go, a Steady Presidential Race The Cook Political Report. Lambert featured this in WC yesterday but wanted to add this sighting. “Resilc: ‘We were in Amherst, MA today. Nice liberal college town. Not one Biden sign or bumper sticker seen and I walked around the nice big tree’d streets…..’”

Biden’s flexibility on policy could mean bitter fights later Washington Post. UserFriendly: “Biden promises Wall Street nothing will change, again. Kill me.”

Donald Trump tells rally the ‘economy will collapse’ and the ‘rioters, anarchists and looters’ will take over if Biden wins and it would be an ‘insult to our country’ if Kamala Harris becomes the first female president Daily Mail. It is going to take a tough stomach to get through the next two months…..and then we have to live with the outcome.

Trump’s Opponents Need to Portray him as the True Enemy of the Nation CounterPunch. Um, this is a new thought?

Chris Hedges: People’s Convention 2020 YouTube (Brian L)

Health Care

Cancer survivor pleading for help with health insurance ‘angry and hurt’ over Tillis staffer’s response WRAL. Headline understates the story.

America Divided

There are warning signs that America is in the early stages of insurgency. Slate

EP #238* [REPOST] — Antifa Freakout & Armed Vigilantes, with Matthew Randazzo Radio War Nerd (Micael)

Daniel Prude death: Rochester police leaders step down BBC

California (and Oregon) Burning

California’s Creek Fire trapped hundreds of people in the forest as helicopters struggled to land in the smoke. Rescue missions continue. Business Insider (Kevin W)

Apple Doubles Down in Fight With Fortnite Creator Epic Games, Seeks Damages for Breach of Contract CNBC

AT&T’s current 5G is slower than 4G in nearly every city tested by PCMag ars technica (resilc)

The FTC Is Investigating Intuit Over TurboTax Practices ProPublica (BC)

Saudi Arabia Just Crushed U.S. Crude Oil Prices Again Motley Fool (Kevin W)

Lossmaking Giant Uber, Hoping To Stay Around For Decades, Says It is Aiming For 100% Zero-Emission Transport by 2040 VentureBeat

A Weapon for Extortion Long Ignored in Alabama Prisons: Cellphones New York Times Holy moley.

Class Warfare

ANOTHER NOW: My political science fiction novel depicting a fully-fledged socialism we could have had Yanis Varoufakis

Working From Home: The New ‘industrial’ Revolution Forbes

Mutant Algorithms Are Coming for Your Education Bloomberg (David L)

Central bankers need to overhaul outdated thinking on labor markets Nikkei Asian Review. Resilc: “By the rich/for the rich/eat the rich.”

America still needs unions in this digital gilded age Seattle Times (resilc)

The American Dream Should Not Depend on Chinese Labor American Conservative

A robot wrote this entire article. Does that scare you, human? Guardian (resilc)

Antidote du jour. Tracie H:

We bought this bed that was intended for a large dog in hopes that the cats would like it. They do. Several snuggle together in it, but the favored posture seems to be hanging your head off the lip for a good look into the kitchen – perhaps to be first in line when the treats appear. This is Sinbad, the best at feigning disinterest.

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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