/Links 10/6/2020

Links 10/6/2020

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Tasmanian Devils reintroduced into Australian wild BBC (resilc)

America’s Rapid Feral Hog Problem Is Creating a ‘Super-Pig’ Uprising Popular Mechanics

How Reykjavik’s Sheet-Metal Homes Beat the Icelandic Winter Bloomberg (UserFriendly)

Study Shows Renewables Are Kicking Natural Gas To the Curb cleantechnica

Boris Johnson to unveil plan to power all UK homes with wind by 2030 Guardian (Kevin W)

Exxon’s Plan For Surging Carbon Emissions Revealed In Leaked Documents Bloomberg

Venice Holds Back the Water For First Time In 1,200 Years CNN

Americans are becoming climate migrants before our eyes Guardian

Colombian designers prepare cardboard hospital beds that double as coffins Guardian (UserFriendly)

Trump Infected

White House Is Not Contact Tracing ‘Super-Spreader’ Rose Garden Event New York Times (Kevin W)

Trump: It’s Actually Good I Contracted the Coronavirus New York Magazine

The President’s Coronavirus Treatment Science Magazine (UserFriendly)

Trump returns to White House despite mysteries around his health Politico. Note that the comments about Trump walking maskless into the White House and his possible contagiousness.

CNN medical analyst: I’d perform psychiatric evaluation on Trump if he were my patient The Hill. Resilc: “Nothing there to lobotomize.”

You can preorder a $100 ‘Trump defeats COVID’ commemorative coin at White House Gift Shop USA Today (Kevin W)



First-of-its-kind Study Examines the Frequency and Severity of Neurologic Manifestations in Patients Hospitalized with COVID-19 in the United States Northwestern Medicine. Typical press report: COVID-19 study finds 82% of hospitalized patients experience neurological symptoms, Northwestern says ABC7Chicago

Study: COVID-19 antibodies decline quickly in donated plasma UPI. Consistent with other findings.

Support for my trusty alcohol spray bottle:

Long Covid: the evidence of lingering heart damage Guardian

Study shows some high school athletes suffering from depression, anxiety due to COVID-19 3WTKR

How Coronavirus Spreads CDC. Maryann: “We have the update today. No mention of aerosol, only droplet. But acknowledging it can be airborne, though this isn’t foregrounded like it was in the “draft.” Weak tea.”

Trump health official meets with doctors pushing herd immunity The Hill


Americans fault US govt over foreign powers for virus crisis Associated Press (resilc)


Ireland rejects own experts’ call for second COVID-19 lockdown Politico

Covid: how Excel may have caused loss of 16,000 test results in England Guardian


Las Vegas Tops U.S. in Rise of Apartment Tenants Not Paying Rent Bloomberg

COVID-19 and SME Failures NBER


UK is the EU’s “sovereign equal” just as Malta is the “sovereign equal” of the USA Breeg Blog (guurst). Very good high level overview. And includes the IT customs issue we flagged early on.

The Race to Replace the City of London Begins Bloomberg (vlade)

New Cold War

WaPo Publishes Paranoid Screed Cautioning Readers Not To Let Russia Make Them Paranoid Caitlin Johnstone (Kevin W)


OPCW probes couldn’t prove chemical use in 2 Syria attacks Associated Press (UserFriendly)

The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté testifies at UN on OPCW Syria cover-up YouTube (UserFriendly)

Yemen’s Houthi Rebel Leader: “The Americans Label Anyone Who Opposes Their Policy as Terrorists” Der Spiegel

Trump Transition

Inside the Lincoln Project’s War Against Trump New Yorker


Biden says he will debate Trump if experts say it is safe Reuters (resilc)

Giuliani: ‘No reason to delay’ second Trump-Biden debate Politico

Trump was sent from God!’: MAGA country brings the rally to a stricken president Politico. Resilc: “Get a new god.” Moi: OK, but for what purpose?

Trump Supporters Aren’t ‘Shy,’ But Polls Could Still Be Missing Some Of Them FiveThirtyEight

Joe Biden calls Bernie Sanders ‘a socialist’ and tells swing voters he WON’T go far left as he hits the campaign trail in battleground Michigan Daily Mail

‘Middle-Class Joe’ Doesn’t Understand the Middle Class Nation (resilc)

How Hatred Came To Dominate American Politics FiveThirtyEight

The Political Implications of D.C./Puerto Rico Statehood Sabato’s Crystal Ball (UserFriendly)

After Trump, the GOP Can Still Be Saved From Itself American Conservative

The Rise of Christian Nationalism in America Consortiumnews (UserFriendly)

Supreme Struggle

Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Is in Jeopardy Atlantic (furzy)

Daniel Cameron Lied About Breonna Taylor’s Killing New York Magazine (UserFriendly)

Our Famously Free Press

Smoking’s lessons for regulating social media MIT Technology Review

America Is Having a Moral Convulsion The Atlantic. Putting this here because, as Matt Taibbi explains, the balkanization of American and resulting lack of trust is significantly the result of the media whipping up fear and anger.

The Bezzle

Nassau County Is A Hotbed Of Fraud And We Couldn’t Be Prouder DealBreaker

John McAfee Arrested in Spain on US Criminal Charges CoinDesk. BC: “As you pointed out Bitcoin = Prosecution Futures.”

Getting governance right key for public pension plans Pensions & Investments

Critical Minerals and the New Geopolitics Project Syndicate (UserFriendly)

Exclusive: U.S. banks prepare to seize energy assets as shale boom goes bust Reuters (Chuck L). From a few days ago, still germane.

Short on Money, Cities Around the World Try Making Their Own Bloomberg (UserFriendly)

Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’ Delayed To October 1, 2021 Variety 🙁

Class Warfare

Debt Collectors Have Made a Fortune This Year. Now They’re Coming for More. ProPublica (UserFriendly)

The Covid Economy Carves Deep Divide Between Haves and Have-Nots Wall Street Journal

The Pope’s kicking neoliberalism when it’s down today Richard Murphy

Amazon workers march to Jeff Bezos’ mansion, calling for higher wages, protections Los Angeles Times (UserFriendly)

Antidote du jour. From Alan T a while back. His daughter Jessica’s big Siamese:

And a bonus (guurst):

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