/Links 10/19/2020

Links 10/19/2020

A La Niña winter is on the way for the US Ars Technica

Pakistan fails 6 of 27 obligations set by terror watchdog FATF, likely to stay on grey list The Print

Data analytics and targeted political messages began over 40 years before Facebook, shows this book Scroll

21 Masks That Make Great Halloween Costumes New York

Crisis in the Galapagos: Chinese fishing fleets and COVID-19 threaten a natural wonder LATimes

Huge cat found etched into desert among Nazca Lines in Peru Guardian

When Women and Politics Took Over Baseball WSJ

He Painted It Black Literary Review


Sex banned indoors for Tier 2 couples living apart, Number 10 confirms Evening Standard BC: ‘I  found the word “Indoors” amusing. It made me think of the Beatles singing “Why don’t we do it in the road?”.’

Health experts’ Thanksgiving advice in the time of Covid: plan, plan, plan Stat

Coronavirus: Could the world have been spared? FT

China after Covid London Review of Books

Covid-19: Italy tightens rules after coronavirus cases surge BBC

Top infectious disease expert warns the next 6 to 12 weeks will be the ‘darkest of the entire pandemic’ as he blasts Scott Atlas’ herd immunity claims as ‘pixie dust’ Daily Mail

As the Virus Surges, Stark Differences Over What Is Around the Corner NYT

Healthcare workers, high-risk people will get priority for COVID-19 vaccine in New York: governor Reuters

Class Warfare

The Great Coronavirus Divide: Wall Street Profits Surge as Poverty Rises The New Yorker

The Social Dilemma? Nope. Just Silicon Valley propaganda. Immigrants as a Weapon

How Australia’s Labor Movement Helped Build Neoliberalism Jacobin

Coronavirus Tanked the Economy. Then Credit Scores Went Up. WSJ

US banks warn bonuses will not keep pace with profits FT

Trump Has Failed the U.S. Working Class and Only Helped the Rich Teen Vogue. Kim Kelly.

West Coast Wildfires

Dying birds and the fires: scientists work to unravel a great mystery Guardian

Amid devastating US fires, experts urge fire prevention rethink Al Jazeera

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch

Minneapolis Will Consider Facial Recognition Ban Motherboard

Waste Watch

If recycling plastics isn’t making sense, remake the plastics Ars Technica

Imperial Collapse Watch

The US Chose Endless War Over Pandemic Preparedness. Now We See the Effects. TruthOut


Britain and EU to try to rescue post-Brexit trade talks Reuters



China GDP: economy grew by 4.9 per cent in third quarter of 2020 SCMP


Lindsey Graham runs for his life Politico

Democratic donors fuel record-breaking fundraising in Senate races LA Times

Partisan Sites Posing as Local News Expand Ahead of Election WSJ

Joe Biden needs an economic team that will support workers FT

Biden leads Trump. So did Hillary Clinton. For Democrats, it’s a worrisome campaign deja vu WaPo

Why Biden’s poll lead is different from Hillary Clinton’s NBC

Facebook and Twitter Cross a Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor Intercept Glenn Greenwald

Biden would revamp fraying intel community Politico, Of course he would.

Tax Increase for Corporations Looks More Likely as Election Nears WSJ

Rochester AFL-CIO Calls for General Strike if Trump Steals Election Payday Report

The hidden factors that could produce a surprise Trump victory Politico


India fears Diwali celebrations will bring surge in coronavirus SCMP

India may see 2.6m COVID-19 cases a month if rules relaxed: Panel Al Jazeera


There won’t be an Iran October Surprise The Iranian. A non-paywalled version of Pepe Escobar’s Asia Times piece.


“Buy Less, Buy Better” Means Luxury Leaders Are Only Going To Get Stronger Jing Daily. This site, I admit, has become a guilty pleasure. Due to China getting a grip on the pandemic, it was become more of a driver in luxury retail, so reading this site is a window into an expansionist  world view, rather than the pandemic pessimism we see in the US and Europe.

Trump Transition

Enabler in Chief New York Review of Books

Man arrested over leak of Kim Darroch cables criticising Trump Guardian

The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the election CNN, Wishful thinking by the pearlclutching set.


Former OPCW Chief Says His Office Was Bugged While USA Pushed Iraq War Caitlin Johnstone

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