/Tonight! Candid Election: Climate, Justice and The Economy

Tonight! Candid Election: Climate, Justice and The Economy


Come check out this panel tonight:

I’ll be on this panel with some very interesting people discussing the state of the economy, markets, climate, criminal justice, etc. two weeks before the election.

The group behind this has done a number of outstanding events, and you can register here for free.

Meet your Panelists!
Linette Lopez, Senior Correspondent @Business Insider
Eliza Orlins, Public Defender @Legal Aid Society & Candidate for Manhattan District Attorney
Rina Shah, Political Analyst, Commentator and Leadership Team Member @The Lincoln Project
Andrew Revkin, Founding Director, Communication and Impact @The Earth Institute
Barry Ritholtz, Chairman/CIO @Ritholtz Wealth Management

It should make for a pretty interesting conversation!

Come check it out on Zoom


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