/Links 10/27/2020

Links 10/27/2020

Wolf researcher’s new book explores predators, prey on Isle Royale Star Tribune (Chuck L)

Environmentalists worry about potentially devastating oil spill South African (David L) 🙁

Murder hornet’ nest vacuumed out of tree in Washington Reuters (resilc)

Wish I were there: the glory of California’s redwoods Financial Times (David L)

Record rain and flash flooding lash Australia’s east coast – video Guardian

The Explosive Problem of ‘Zombie’ Batteries BBC

Poliisi voimaton ylinopeutta kulkeneen kauko-ohjattavan auton kanssa – ylikomisario: “Ainutlaatuinen tapaus” Uutiset. PJH:

In Hamina, Finland, two weeks ago an RC-car was caught on a speed trap. Its operator played with it apparently sometime during the night on a public road, where a maximum speed of 60 km/h is allowed. The RC drove 70 km/h, which is why the camera caught it. In this news item the police states that it has no way of fining the speeding driver, but they hope it is the last time this happens since a public road is not for playing.

How an Algorithm Blocked Kidney Transplants to Black Patients Wired

After Insurance Won’t Cover It, Mechanical Engineer Builds Own Prosthetic Hand (and an Impact Driver Attachment!) Core77 (resilc)

Humanity is stuck in short-term thinking. Here’s how we escape. MIT Technology Review (David L)

The true dangers of AI are closer than we think MIT Technology Review

After the Digital Tornado Cambridge University (Chuck L)

Study Shows We Might Be Thinking About Joint Injuries in The Wrong Way Science Alert (David L)

The Science of Nerdiness Scientific American (David L)


How Covid-Safe Is Dining in a Restaurant’s Outdoor Tent? Wall Street Journal


Broadly-targeted autoreactivity is common in severe SARS-CoV-2 Infection MedRxiv. Pre-print. Not good if findings hold up.

AstraZeneca-Oxford Covid Vaccine Produces Immune Response in Older Adults Bloomberg (furzy)

NIH Halts Study Exploring Treating Covid-19 With Lilly Antibody, Remdesivir Wall Street Journal


Coronavirus updates LIVE: Home visits for Victorians allowed as zero cases recorded again; two new cases in NSW; NSW free to travel to Tasmania without quarantine; Australian death toll stands at 905 The Age (witters)


Covid: Protests erupt across Italy over anti-virus measures BBC. Hoo boy.


The Right Made Trump the Herbert Hoover of the Coronavirus New York Times

It’s Time for the Movie Studios to Step In To Save the Movie Theaters 500ish


US ratchets up China overflights: report Asia Times (Kevin W)

China’s industrial profit growth slows as factory-gate deflation weighs Reuters


Key Brexit Software Won’t Be Ready on Time, Developers Warn Bloomberg

New Cold War

Russia knocking Turkish drones from Armenian skies Asia Times (Kevin W)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

CBP Refuses To Tell Congress How It’s Tracking Americans Without a Warrant Vice

Trump Transition

The Enemies Briefcase Andrew Cockburn, Harper’s (resilc). Important.

All the president’s debts: to whom Donald Trump owes money Financial Times (Scott). Help me. Acknowledges that Trump is underlevered by real estate standards. And creditors are falling all over themselves to lend thanks to super low rates.

Administration Rushes Out Guidelines for Ending Civil Service Protections Defense One (resilc)

Supreme Struggle

GOP Senate confirms Trump Supreme Court pick to succeed Ginsburg The Hill

Clarence Thomas will swear in Amy Coney Barrett at White House as soon as she is confirmed to the Supreme Court by Senate tonight – with ‘large’ guest list similar to infamous superspreader Rose Garden event Daily Mail (Kevin W)

Amy Coney Barrett, About to Be Confirmed to the Supreme Court, Sees a Scenario in Which Abortion Should Be Punishable by Death Vanity Fair (Dr. Kevin)

The 6-3, 5-4 Supreme Court Ian Welsh. Not to be Pollyannish, but a conservative buddy with a good radar predicts Kaganaugh would uphold Roe v. Wade.


Bernie, Summer Lee & UE Rally Skeptics for Biden in Western PA Mike Elk

In Election Hail Mary, Jared Kushner Tells Black People They’re Lazy and Unambitious Vanity Fair (Dr. Kevin)

No Bumper Crop in 2020 Peter Dorman, Econospeak

The Simpleton Manifesto Persuasion (resilc)

Renewable Energy and the Fallacy of the Red/Blue Divide The Politics of Power (resilc)

Abolishing the Electoral College May Not Save Us Vice (resilc). *Sigh* “What about ‘Constitutional amendment’ don’t you understand?”

More Americans are saying immigration is good for the country Gallup via Barry Ritholtz

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Portland Reckons With Police Attacks on Protesters After Months of Unrest Intercept. Important. See the video reconstructions.

Calpers Seeks Five-Year Commitment From Next Investment Chief Bloomberg (Kevin W)

Pakistan’s PM Asks Facebook To Ban Islamophobic Content Reuters

Facebook to move into cloud-based gaming Financial Times (Kevin W)

Facebook Steps Into Cloud Gaming — and Another Feud With Apple TechCrunch

The Data of Long-lived Institutions Blog of the Long Now (resilc)

Trans-Universal Zombie Church of the Blissful Ringing Wikipedia. Resilc: “My peeps.”

Class Warfare

The Trump administration’s proposed independent contractor rule would cost workers at least $3.7 billion annually in lost pay and benefits Economic Policy Institute

Antidote du jour. Heresy101:

This photo reminds me of Edward Hoagland’s great essay on the bears of New Jersey, gorging themselves on apples to the point of drunkenness, before, like figures in Breugel’s painting, passing out on car hoods in the parking lot of a shopping mall near the orchards…It’s also photographic proof of the reincarnation of Alexander Cockburn.

And a bonus (John C):

Thai Buddhist monk: I …..will…..keep….. praying…. from r/aww

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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