Virtue Signaling Over Corpses Craig Murray

Robert Fisk: Celebrated Middle East correspondent of The Independent dies aged 74 Independent

The Martin Papers Bookforum

A Nuts-And-Bolts Guide To Density People Actually Want American Conservative

We’re developing self-disinfecting surfaces that could curb the spread of infectious diseases Scroll How about good old copper?

5 Myths and Superstitions About Owls Big fan of owls. And snakes. (See my small collection of quirky jewellery.)

The cheap pen that changed writing forever BBC J still keep the faith and write with a fountain pen. And I allow myself an indulgence: a  new one, every time I start a new manuscript. I prefer the feel of pushing a heavy pen across the page. But this mode of composing doesn’t extend to the journalism – including blogging – I write. Then I compose via laptop.

This Upcoming European Legislation Could Reshape the Internet Motherboard

Contact restored with Philippine province hit by year’s most powerful typhoon; 16 dead Reuters

The NYC Marathon Was Cancelled. Runners Run the Course Anyway. NYT

Things as They Are NYRB

Johnny Depp loses libel case against Sun over claims he beat ex-wife Amber Heard Guardian Didn’t really follow the coverage of this lawsuit, despite the lurid details, even though I’ve been a fan of his since at least the Edward Scissorhands days. Hard to see how he resuscitates any career after this.


Prince William, 38, ‘secretly battled coronavirus in April’ – just days after his father Charles contracted it – and was left ‘struggling to breathe’ but didn’t want to ‘alarm’ the nation by revealing his illness Daily Mail

No more handshakes Times Literary Supplement. Niall Ferguson.

Covid-19 Burden Falls Heavily on Middle-Aged Men WSJ

UK says 4-week coronavirus lockdown may have to last longer AP

Doubts over ‘rapid turnaround’ Covid tests pledged by Johnson Guardian. Perhaps BoJo was poorly briefed. perhaps he was well-brieedf but failed to understand – or perhaps there’s fatigue with his tendency to play fast and loose with facts? And another question: why does the UK not have access to what other countries – such as South Korea – have available?

Panic buyers line up in huge queues as lockdown 2.0 sparks supermarket frenzy Metro.co.cu

Germany launches 4-week partial shutdown to curb virus AP

Eurozone economic forecasts slashed as fresh lockdowns imposed FT

A whole lot of hurt’: Fauci warns of covid-19 surge, offers blunt assessment of Trump’s response WaPo. Guess we know how he cast his vote.

Coronavirus: WHO and Chinese experts launch origins mission – online SCMP

I have all the symptoms of a Covid-19 long-hauler — but I’m hesitant to identify myself as one Stat

Coronavirus surge fears after Halloween party weekend, as Hong Kong minister sounds warning over social-distancing rules, city faces six new infections SCMP

Coronavirus: Rajasthan to make masks compulsory by law today, says CM Ashok Gehlot Scroll

Someone leaked the COVID hospitalization data taken from the CDC Ars Technica

Jerri-Lynn here. Don’t recall whether we linked to this September post, but if so, it’s still worth revisiting via this tweet:


Why Trump Can’t Afford to Lose New Yorker I know this is the Democratic dream, but I don’t see it happening.

7 States Where Voters Could Change the Future of Criminal Justice Marshall Project

‘If Pennsylvania goes, so will go the country’ Politico

The year of the vote: How Americans surmounted a pandemic and dizzying rule changes so their voices would be heard WaPo

Florida recount haunts Supreme Court as it tackles mail ballots FT

I’m Here To Remind You That Trump Can Still Win FiveThitryEight. Nate Silver.

On last day, Trump and Biden scour battleground states for votes Reuters

Could the US election be the world’s ticket to better disaster preparedness? One silver lining view from abroad

We Can’t Follow Obama Back to Brunch Daily Poster David Sirota.

Trump Transition

Trump: Sean Connery helped me get approval for ‘big development’ in Scotland Politico

The College Degree Is Dividing America Chronicle of Higher Education. Was not sure whether this belongs here or 2020 or under Class Warfare. But it belongs somewhere.

Present at the Disruption Foreign Affairs. Richard Haas articulates the Council on Foreign Relations view, with his title echoing Dean Acheson’s Present at the Creation.

Fox News President London Review of Books

Imperial Collapse Watch

ELECTION 2020: Don’t Just Blame It on the Pandemic Consortium News

America’s Refusal to Accept Outcome of WTO Leadership Race Creates New Deadlock The Wire

Class Warfare

Coal Miners’ Struggle Against Black Lung Is a Climate Justice Issue Jacobin

Geneva: Why the world’s highest minimum wage was needed BBC. I post this in memory of the year I spent as a resident of the city.

West Coast Wildfires

Rescue operations underway in the San Gabriel Mountains for rare species marooned by wildfire LA Times

Julian Assange

ELECTION 2020: Media Silence on Assange Aids Trump Consortium News

Our Famously Free Press

United Kingdom

More than 49,000 miles of paths lost from maps in England and Wales Guardian. Horrible. Some of my happiest days in the UK were spent rambling. And a public right of way is one of the benefits those that live in the UK enjoy compare to those in the U.S.

UK’s bid to power every home via offshore windfarms by 2030 at risk Guardian


Samsung leads Indian smartphone market: report Asia Times

New book traces why India-China ties have been ‘confrontational’ since 15th century The Print


Tanzania police arrest opposition party leader ahead of protests Al Jazeera

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