/Links 11/15/2020

Links 11/15/2020

Happy Diwali!

How India Celebrated Diwali Amid Coronavirus Pandemic. See Pics NDTV

Cruise line resumed voyages in Caribbean. It’s not going well [Updated] Ars Technica

Fences Can Cause ‘Ecological Meltdown,’ Study Finds TreeHugger

Experience: my parachute failed Guardian

Today I Learned’: 40 Interesting Things People Haven’t Learned At School Bored Panda

Government climate adviser urges Boris Johnson to act now to be ‘credible’ on crisis Independent

Egypt unveils scores of ancient coffins, statues found in Saqqara Al Jazeera

‘This Is a Really, Really Big Deal’: Michigan Gov. Moves to Shut Down Line 5 Pipeline to Protect Great Lakes Common Dreams


New stats reveal massive NYC exodus amid coronavirus, crime NY Post

The Pandemic Winter Is Coming to New York, and It’s Going to Be Unimaginably Hard NY magazine

Thanksgiving in a Pandemic Means Smaller Birds, Fewer Leftovers WSJ. I’m not sure this is not a silver lining to the pandemic cloud. Those who have celebrated many holidays abroad may have observed that other cultures make far less – and thus throw away far less- holiday food. Maybe this is a good lesson for those in the US to learn, regardless of what caused their enlightenment.

How P&G Launched a 24-Hour Disinfecting Spray Just as Covid-19 Hit the U.S.WSJ

Mandatory Covid-19 testing for ‘high-risk’ groups in Hong Kong gets nod, those who ignore orders face jail, fines SCMP

The woman who fell from the sky Reuters

Coronavirus: Austria locks down as new wave grips Europe BBC

The Enraging Deja Vu of a Third Coronavirus Wave ProPublica

As U.S. pandemic intensifies, North Dakota becomes 35th state to require masks Reuters

How to Avoid a Surprise Bill for Your Coronavirus Test NYT. Grifters gotta gruft.


From Coronavirus to a Cancer Vaccine? Der Spiegel

Covid-19 vaccines shouldn’t get emergency-use authorization MIT Technology Review

Health experts want to prioritize people of color for a Covid-19 vaccine. But how should it be done? Stat. All very well and good, until the side effects start showing up. Shades of Tuskegee.


Armenians torch their homes on land ceded to Azerbaijan AP


Rockets ‘fired from Ethiopia’s Tigray region’ hit Eritrea capital Al  Jazeera


Peru impeachment protests: Clashes with police turn deadly BBC

Trump Transition

Million MAGA March: Thousands of pro-Trump protesters rally in Washington DC BBC

Why Trump Carried Out His Pentagon Purge New Yorker

As if We Didn’t Have Enough to Worry About … NYT Nick Kristof

Schwarzman defended Trump at CEO meeting on election results FT


How Pence & GOP Senators Could Try To Steal The Election The Daily Poster

In Georgia, a laborious, costly and historic hand recount of presidential ballots begins WaPo

Georgia voters approve ballot measure that could direct millions to new recycling efforts Waste Dive I have mixed feelings about these efforts to  chase the recycling fairy, as I believe they divert efforts away from confronting the full scope of the global plastics problem.; see the recent post by Yves about NJ’s new plastics policy.

Proposition 15 Goes Down Swinging Capital & Main

John and Gisele Fetterman Are Fighting for the American Working Class Teen Vogue

There Was No Knockout, So Democrats and G.O.P. Regroup for Next Round NYT

1 in 10 Go Hungry as Trump and McConnell Fixate on Challenging Election Results Truthout

Biden Transition

Joe Biden Is Already On The Warpath Against Brexit American conservative

A National Security Reckoning Foreign Affairs. Hillary Clinton.

Nancy Pelosi Should Not Be the Next Speaker of the House Jacobin

What Biden’s Win Means for the Future of Criminal Justice Marshall Project

Secretary Rahm Emanuel? Former Chicago mayor floated for Biden Cabinet spot, but his handling of Laquan McDonald case and ‘Mayor 1%’ rep remain a drag with progressives Chicago Tribune

Biden Asked Republicans to Give Him a Chance. They’re Not Interested. NYT

After White House Victory, Democrats Are Divided on What Is Next WSJ

Black Economist Floated for Labor Sec – Only 51% of Union Households Voted Against Prop 22 – Red Cross Workers Picket Payday Report

This Isn’t Feminism, It’s Imperialism In Pumps Caitlin Johnstone


 Boris Johnson boots out top adviser Dominic Cummings Guardian

What a way to run a country! The hatreds, tears and tantrums behind the ousting of Dominic Cummings revealed – and the ‘victory party’ thrown by Carrie Symonds to celebrate Daily Mail


Delhi air quality worsens to ‘severe’ category on Diwali Scroll

The Unrevealing Nakedness of Milind Soman The Wire

‘How much does Obama know about India,’ asks Sanjay Raut after his remarks on Rahul Gandhi Scroll

How Modi has made a ‘Nehruvian’ half-blunder on China & ignored investing in the military The Print


Don’t try to change China’s system, former official warns US SZMP

Our Famously Free Press

Why Matthew Yglesias Left Vox The Atlantic

Class Warfare

Mold, Possums and Pools of Sewage: No One Should Have to Live Like This NYT

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