/Links 11/16/2020

Links 11/16/2020

Revisiting “Seven Days in May” Counterpunch. I first read this book before I was a teenager. And I asked my uncle whether it was plausible. He was an Air Force pilot who flew missions in Vietnam, and retired as a full colonel, after finally serving as base commander at Hanscom Air Force Base near Boston. I was terrified by his response. Fascinated by the book then, but this TDS is getting overdone.


Covid-19 Caused International Enrollments to Plummet This Fall. They Were Already Dropping. Chronicle of Higher Education

How Long Do I Need to Quarantine if I’m Exposed to Covid? WSJ

Damage to multiple organs recorded in ‘long Covid’ cases Guardian

Covid vaccine: Major new trial starts in UK BBC

Is it the end of the line for mass transit systems? FT

I’m seeing an industry disappear’: how lockdown is leaving hospitality workers homeless Guardian

It’s not too late to cancel Thanksgiving MIT Technology Review

A Small German Biotech Company Hopes to Make the Leap to Global Player Der Spiegel

U.S. COVID-19 cases cross 11 million as pandemic intensifies Reuters

Global stocks head for record high on recovery, vaccine hopes Reuters. I still don’t understand the reality that generates this and the previous headline on the same page.


Federal authorities issue strong warning to pharma over speaker programs and kickbacks Stat

Doctors Are Calling It Quits Under Stress of the Pandemic NYT

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch

Apple tracks iPhone users without consent, claims activist Max Schrems FT


The Extremist At Dominion Voting Systems American Conservative

Trump, Trying to Cling to Power, Fans Unrest and Conspiracies NYT

Trump campaign jettisons major parts of its legal challenge against Pennsylvania’s election results WaPo

Trump refuses to concede US election after acknowledging Biden victory FT

An Unprecedented Election—and Its Bitter Aftermath—Seen from Across the Country Politico

Behind Trump’s Yearslong Effort to Turn Losing Into Winning NYT

Recount Day 3: DeKalb, Fulton finish counting; other counties closing in Atlanta Journal-Constitution (marym)

Barack Obama: One election won’t stop US ‘truth decay’ BBC I think it has begun to penetrate his notorious ego that although he may have been able to bamboozle many of his contemporaries, history will not treat his presidency well.

Women crucial to Biden’s win, even as gender gap held steady AP

Lawrence Tribe calls Ken Starr a liar to his face: ‘It’s nothing like Bush v. Gore’ Alternet

Trump Transition

Trump Allies Explored Buyout of Newsmax TV as Fox News Alternative WSJ

The Case for Political Exile for Donald Trump And I remind readers that to link is not necessarily to concur. See the argument in the American Conservative link above about the consequences of social media bans.

Trump tells DC cops to ‘do your job’ and deal with ‘Antifa scum’ at the Million MAGA March attended by few thousand as man is stabbed and 20 are arrested in brawls between his supporters and counter-protesters Daily Mail

Biden Transition

Europe is ready for Biden to get started WaPo

Biden faces new global health world order Politico

Biden’s transition team is filled with war profiteers, Beltway chickenhawks, and corporate consultants Gray Zone

Europe’s Biden bind: Stick with US or go it alone? Politico


Boris Johnson news – live: PM ‘in good health’ as number of Tory MPs self-isolating after No 10 meeting grows Independent

Brexit: we’ll know it when we see itEUReferendum.com


Our Famously Free Press

The Comeuppance of Jeffrey Toobin – But Where Is CNN? The Wrap


Read: Barack Obama’s Analysis of a Dinner With Manmohan Singh, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi The Wire

In BJP’s ‘divisive nationalism’, Barack Obama sees a precursor to America’s Donald Trump era Scroll

Asia’s Mega Free Trade Pact is Born Sans India, But Door Remains Open for New Delhi The Wire

Reader View: Virtual classes not feasible in many parts of India, children can lose a year The Print


China scores victory as 15 Asian nations sign world’s biggest free-trade deal SCMP

RCEP set to supercharge the New Silk Roads Asia Times Pepe Escobar

For China, offering Biden a plastic olive branch would be worse than doing nothing SCMP

China looms as Biden’s biggest foreign policy challenge. Here’s where he stands CNN


“Religion is the President’s last resort” Qantara


Alarm as Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict spreads to Eritrea Al Jazeera

Democrats in Disarray

Democrats look to sharpen message after Senate setback The Hill

Class Warfare

Across the World, Sports Stadiums and Arenas Are a Gigantic Swindle  Jacobin

“Campus Reform” Is Funneling Koch Money to Groom Right-Wing “Journalists” TruthOut

Julian Assange

Farcical Coverage of Julian Assange’s Farcical Hearing FAIR

Antidote du Jour (via):

And a bonus Antidote: (David L) 

The Blue-footed Booby Dance Gets the Girl Every Time (David L). I once saw dancing blue-footed bobbies during a trip I took to the Galapagos.

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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