/Links 11/21/2020

Links 11/21/2020

With Forests Gone, Elephants Wreak Havoc in India Vice (resilc)

For 15 Years Sweden Thought Enemy Submarines Were Invading Its Territory. It Turned Out To Be Herring Farts IFLScience

Mysterious object falls from sky onto Navajo Nation: Was it from space? Or is there a more earthly explanation? USA Today (David L)

Another Feature of the Climate Crisis Is More—and More Severe—Disease Esquire (David L, resilc)

The way we train AI is fundamentally flawed MIT Technology Review (David L) Important.

This 2-Acre Vertical Farm Out-Produces 750 Acre ‘Flat Farms’ Forbes

Hidden world of bacteria and fungi discovered on Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings LiveScience

Boy Scouts: At least 92,000 have filed sex abuse claims against the Boy Scouts, legal team says CNN (UserFriendly). From earlier in the week, still germane.

All Your Genes Are Belong To Us NPR (David L)


Gov. Cuomo wins Emmy for ‘masterful’ coronavirus briefings during early pandemic Syracuse. Bob: “The second worst man in America gets a fucking Emmy for “informing” people.”


Arthritis drug effective in treating sickest COVID-19 patients Imperial College

Long COVID: let patients help define long-lasting COVID symptoms Nature


UK sourced PPE from factories secretly using North Korean slave labour Guardian (David L)

US. Chuck L: “Here in MN, a 4 week lockdown starts at midnight.”

After Big Thanksgiving Dinners, Plan Small Christmas Funerals, Health Experts Warn MississippiFreePress (William T)

We Must Cancel Thanksgiving,’ Says CDC Scientist Who Looks Suspiciously Like A Turkey In A Lab Coat Babylon Bee (BC)

U.S.-Canadian border closure extended through Dec. 21 Fox5NY

At New York’s Hospitals, Staff Brace for Another COVID Wave: ‘We Know What’s Coming’ THE CITY

Are Covid Patients Gasping ‘It Isn’t Real’ As They Die? Wired

Iowa’s Covid Wave and the Limits of Personal Responsibility Wired (resilc)

Berkeley professor sparks outrage by comparing Trump supporters with an ‘indifference’ to COVID to Germans who ‘ignored and profited from the Holocaust’ Daily Mail

Slow Bleed Heisenberg Report (resilc)

How Many Americans Are About to Die? Atlantic (TonyAI)

AICPA Says Current IRS Penalty Relief Measures Are Not Enough CPA Practice Advisor


An ‘Electrifying’ Economist’s Guide to the Recovery New York Times (David L)

Hazard Pay Was Just a Brand Exercise New Republic

Carnival Cruise boss banks on safety measures BBC


New US Indo-Pacific fleet ‘would be akin to grabbing China by the throat’, analyst says South China Morning Post (Vikas S). Increased incentive to finish the Belt & Road Initiative.


I don’t think the PM knows’: Boris Johnson and the Brexit endgame Financial Times

UK preparing to finish bilateral trade deal under Biden administration Inside Trade

Big Brother Boris bans the combustion engine and here is why it won’t work DriveTribe (resilc)

Former Mexican defense chief will return home a free man after U.S. drops drug charges War Is Boring. BC: “I can only imagine the backstory here.”

Under a Divisive Peace, Wartime Rifts Hobble Hope in Bosnia New York Times


CENTCOM Chief Warns of Iranian ‘Escalatory Spiral’ Antiwar.com (resilc)

‘Night of the beating’: details emerge of Riyadh Ritz-Carlton purge Guardian

Hardline Pakistani religious leader Khadim Rizvi dies Al Jazeera (resilc)

Trump Transition

Trump administration revives talk of action on birthright citizenship The Hill

US terminates Jonathan Pollard’s parole, ex-spy free to travel to Israel Times of Israel. Kevin W: “The intelligence community will not be happy about this. Which is probably why Trump is doing it.”

Spokesman: Trump’s eldest son tests positive for coronavirus Associated Press

Trump Announces Issuance of Two ‘Groundbreaking Rules’ to Lower Drug Prices Sputnik (Kevin W)


Will The Trump Team Prove A Global Conspiracy or Will Dominion Sue For Defamation? Jonathan Turley (Chuck L)

A Simple Theory of Why Trump Did Well New York Times (furzy). Gah. How many weeks after the election, and someone finally notices “material concrete benefits”?

More conservatives break with Trump over election claims The Hill

A Bogus Dispute Is Doing Real Damage Wall Street Journal


Ten Foreign Policy Fiascos Biden Can Fix on Day One (and Should) Medea Benjamin and Nicholas J.S. Davies

Team Biden’s Left Derangement Syndrome Sardonicky (UserFriendly)

Emily Murphy Needs to Do Her Job, Begin Presidential Transition to Joe Biden Esquire

Our Famously Free Press

FBI and DOJ prepared takedown of “Iranian” American Herald Tribune website with years of legal chicanery Greyzone Project

A newly-released government review makes the case for scrapping the compulsory super increase and focusing on home ownership instead Business Insider Australia. Kevin W: “Just off to bang my head against the keyboard a coupla times now.”

Economics in a Post-Pandemic World Project Syndicate (David L)

Oil Majors Are Paying The Price For Investing In Renewables OilPrice

A Stock Market Bubble? It’s More Like a Fire Wall Street Journal (David L)

Class Warfare

Reform Doesn’t Have to Cost Votes IMF Blog. UserFriendly: “God, this is evil.”

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