/Links 11/28/2020

Links 11/28/2020

Kitten saved from cat-astrophe after car engine rescue RTE

Scientists accidentally discover Australian marsupials glow in the dark CNET (furzy)

Surprise discovery of rare plant at Norfolk ‘ghost pond’ BBC (Kevin W)

Fugging hell: tired of mockery, Austrian village changes name Guardian (resilc)

Missing ingredient for life finally found on a comet New Atlas (David L)

Huge Reservoir of Fresh Water Found Beneath the Sea Off Hawaii New Scientist

Logging of massive, ancient cedars in Caycuse watershed signals urgent need for provincial action and funding for old-growth Ancient Forest Resilience (guurst)

20 signs that the climate crisis has come home to roost High Country News (David L)

Ancient whale skeleton found in Thailand holds clues to climate change Guardian (Kevin W)

EPA reports massive emission fraud on diesel pickup trucks DriveTribe


A Consortium Proposal to the SDR Basket Countries: In Memory of David Graeber (1961–2020) Ahmet Öncü and T Sabri Öncü, Economic and Political Weekly


HYPOTHESIS TESTING IN THE PRESENCE OF FALSE POSITIVES: THE FLAWS IN THE DANISH MASK STUDY Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Discussion with Yaneer Bar-Yam on the Danish Study on Face Masks YouTube: “Basically, there’s no paper.” INET also has a takedown of the Danish study, to publish soon.

Russia’s Sputnik V developers call on AstraZeneca to try combining vaccines Reuters (resilc)

A shot. A wait. Another shot: Two-dose coronavirus vaccine regimens will make it harder to inoculate America Washington Post (Kevin W)

COVID-19 Vaccines To Be Allocated Based On Population NPR (furzy)

Coronavirus digest: WHO says 60% immunization rate needed to curb pandemic DW


Covid Overload: U.S. Hospitals Are Running Out of Beds for Patients New York Times. Yours truly said we’d soon see ER patients on gurney in corridors waiting to be seen, as happened in NYC at the worst of the spring Covid wave. Already happening in Wisconsin and will become close to a new normal as infections rise over the winter.

Michigan COVID-19 hospitalizations pushing medical facilities to occupancy limits WSWS

Lockdown in Los Angeles: LA County asks its 10 million residents to stay home for THREE weeks – but churches and protests are exempt Daily Mail. We said lockdowns were coming…..

More than two dozen Covid-19 cases were traced to youth basketball at a California gym, health officials say CNN (Kevin W)

Why Everyone’s Suddenly Hoarding Mason Jars Marker (Dr. Kevin)


India Enters Recession as Virus Pummels No. 3 Asian Economy Bloomberg


China Rises as World’s Data Superpower as Internet Fractures Nikkei

Britain Commits $333 Million To Help Carriers Replace Huawei 5G South China Morning Post

Pig guts fly as Taiwan lawmakers brawl over US pork imports BBC (resilc)


Zeno’s Brexit Chris Grey (guurst)

Johnson’s Brexit Dilemma: No good outcome in sight Federal Trust (guurst)

Brexit: the cesspit of England Richard North

US president elect Joe Biden could scrap New York-London air corridor in favour of Dublin link Evening Standard

Worker wrote ‘WTF’ after Suffolk firm manipulated fire test, Grenfell inquiry hears East Anglian Daily Times (caroline h)

Amazon and Apple ‘Not Playing Their Part’ in Tackling Electronic Waste Guardian. UK report. The US would never say such bad things about national champions.

Macron ‘shocked’ by video of French police beating black man Guardian (Kevin W)

US Intervenes as Venezuela Prepares for High Stakes Election CounterPunch


Iran vows to avenge killing of nuclear scientist BBC

Obama CIA Director John Brennan blasts assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Fox News (furzy)

Rouhani: US and Iran Can Return to Time Before Trump Antiwar (resilc

Hyper-Patriarchal Saudi Arabia equates mild Feminism with Terrorism, as Sen. Murphy calls on Biden to review ties with Kingdom Juan Cole

The Underground Movement Trying to Topple the North Korean Regime New Yorker. UserFriendly: “roflmao this guy is so pathetic.”

Imperial Collapse Watch

How Globalization Undermined the Case for Western Values American Conservative (resilc)


Trump campaign loses appeal over Pennsylvania race The Hill


Joe Biden considers retired general Lloyd Austin for Pentagon chief Axios. UserFriendly: “On the board of Raytheon.”

Biden, the Emcee at the Billionaires’ Ball Black Agenda Report (resilc)

Barack Obama Doesn’t Have the Answers New Republic (UserFriendly). OMG subhead, Obama sainthood being revoked: “The former president seems unable to reckon with the failures of his presidency and diagnose the Republican Party’s incurable nihilism.”

A(nother) Georgia GOP Senator Was Reportedly Investigated for Insider Trading Vice

Medicaid cuts on the table as states grapple with impact of pandemic on program enrollment MarketWatch (UserFriendly)

Facebook’s Libra currency to launch next year in limited format Financial Times

GM Plans to Seek Banking Charter to Grow Auto-Lending Business Wall Street Journal

Class Warfare

S–t Public Defenders See: Innocent, But Fined Matt Taibbi (UserFriendly)

Deplorables, or Expendables? American Conservative

The Rich Kids Who Want to Tear Down Capitalism New York Times (David L)

Over 100 Academics Endorse Sanders’s Student Debt Cancellation Plan American Prospect (furzy)

Forgive Us Our Debts New York Times (furzy)

Antidote du jour. Tracie H: “Did somebody say ‘Turkey’”?!

And a bonus (guurst):

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