/Links 12/21/2020

Links 12/21/2020

Jupiter and Saturn ‘Christmas Star’ to Coincide With Winter Solstice, Ursid Meteor Shower Newsweek

The financial system after Covid-19 Bank of International Settlements

Central banks to walk tightrope on communication in 2021 FT

At Banque Havilland, Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Was Known as ‘The Boss’ Bloomberg

A tale of two SEC enforcement actions, Part 1 – GE and Luckin Coffee Francine McKenna, The Dig

Tesla’s rise made 2020 the year the U.S. auto industry went electric Reuters

Tesla’s Elon Musk asks about converting ‘large transactions’ to bitcoin Channel News Asia. Oh.


Mutant coronavirus in the United Kingdom sets off alarms but its importance remains unclear Science. Good information on this fast-breaking story.

COVID-19 vaccine distribution algorithms may cement health care inequalities VentureBeat. Of all places.

Why Two Vaccines Passed the Finishing Line In a Year and Others Didn’t, and a Month 12 Roundup Hilda Bastian, “Absolutely Maybe,” PLOS. Excellent review of the bidding.

What the Vaccine’s Side Effects Feel Like The Intercept

Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science British Medical Journal

Why many countries failed at COVID contact-tracing — but some got it right Nature

The Vast Majority of America’s Cities Qualify as ‘Sustained Hotspots,’ New Federal Covid-19 Data Shows Public Integrity

A Shock to the PPE System: New Method for Recharging N95 Masks to Meet COVID Demand SciTech Daily

The Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be the Ultimate Gateway Drug Bloomberg


China’s stunning export comeback has factories scrambling for workers Reuters

Amid Coal Crunch, Cities Limit Power to Businesses, Factories Sixth Tone and Australia forecasts drop in coal output under pressure from Chinese curbs Reuters

Engineers of the Soul: Ideology in Xi Jinping’s China by John Garnaut Sinocism (from 2019, still germane. Recommended by China Law blog).

Singapore Hotel Used for Quarantine May Have Spread Infection Bloomberg

S.Korea’s capital Seoul to ban gatherings of five people or more -mayor Reuters

Thailand Considers More Lockdowns as Seafood Workers Hit by Virus Bloomberg


Farmer unions announce relay hunger strike on Monday, observe ‘Shradhanjali Diwas’; Amit Shah hints at resumption of talks Times of India. Relay hunger strike: “a form of protest in which a number of persons go without food by turns” (Gene Sharp #159b). Some tactical advantages here.

Facebook removes official page of Kisan Ekta Morcha, restores it after outrage India Today

Is the Sub-Classification of Scheduled Castes Justified? The Wire


Wakashio Shows Need for Spill Response Plans in Western Indian Ocean Maritime Executive


EU countries ban UK travel and limit Channel freight over Covid variant FT

Emergency talks to prevent Christmas food shortages after freight hit by border closures Sky News

Extra police are deployed at train stations in bid to stop non essential Tier 4 trips and halt spread of mutant Covid strain, as Matt Hancock slams travellers fleeing London as ‘totally irresponsible’ Daily Mail. What did the Government expect when they announced a lockdown?

Germany and Europe Could Fall Short on Vaccine Supplies Der Spiegel (Re Silc). They’re supposed to be better than we are….

Pandemic exposes the vulnerability of Italy’s ‘new poor’ AP

Poisonous politics lurk behind the EU recovery fund FT

Trump Transition

Congress seals agreement on $900 billion COVID relief bill AP. Commentary:

This Deal Is Good Enough Editorial Board, NYT. Nothing too meh for our working class!

Pa. misses deadline to spend $108M in rent, mortgage relief from CARES Act Spotlight PA

Bring Back the Superdole! Jacobin

Surgeon general: Immigration status should not be barrier to receiving COVID-19 vaccine The Hill

Unlearning The Constitution: University President Declares That Biden Can “Unpardon” Trump Jonathan Turley

Intelligence Community

Democrats cry alarm over proposal to split up NSA, Cyber Command amid hacking crisis Politico

Biden Transition

The diversity of Biden’s cabinet will be just for show if it ends up promoting bad policies Business Insider

For the First Time, a Woman Will Take Command of an Aircraft Carrier Military.com. This hardy perennial:

Misting the White House between administrations won’t kill Covid-19 — and it could be harmful, experts say STAT. Great theatre though!

Boeing 737 MAX

European regulator says Boeing’s 737 Max is safe BBC

Congress on the brink of major FAA oversight reform in wake of Boeing 737 MAX crashes Seattle Times

Black Injustice Tipping Point

The truth in Black and white: An apology from The Kansas City Star Kansas City Star

Guillotine Watch

Birx travels, family visits highlight pandemic safety perils AP (MV). This keeps happening (and it’s bipartisan).

Class Warfare

The first global event in the history of humankind Branko Milanovic, Social Europe

Hospital Ceos Have Gotten Rich Cutting Staff and Supplies. Now They’re Not Ready for the Next Wave. The Intercept

AOC Said “Sex Work Is Work” in Response to New York Post Hit Piece on a Paramedic With an OnlyFans Teen Vogue

Crime Shouldn’t Pay: Why Big Tech Executives Should Face Jail Matt Stoller, Big

John Rawls: can liberalism’s great philosopher come to the west’s rescue again? Guardian

Antidote du jour (via Steve McManus in Galion OH):

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