/Links 12/25/2020

Links 12/25/2020

Merry Christmas, for those who celebrate it! And regardless, hope you have a relaxed day and get some good grub!

We’re having a cold snap here in Alabama, and even some snow flurries in the area! How about you?

Portugal outrage after Spanish hunters massacre 500 wild animals BBC (resilc).

The Butt Pajamas Will Follow You Forever Gizmodo (dk). I have yet to see this ad and I look at hundreds of sites a day. Hope it stays that way.

The Tasting Menu at the End of the World Eater. Glenn F: “Quite an amazing article about resilience and not giving up in the face of climate change.”

The Army’s New Howitzer Just Hit a Target 43 Miles Away. On the Nose. Popular Mechanics: “But can’t fix the algorithm to deliver Covid vaccine.”

Scientists set a path for field trials of gene drive organisms | PhysOrg. Chuck L: “What could go wrong?”

In exile from the dreamscape aeon


Coronavirus: Hong Kong imposes 21-day COVID-19 quarantine for visitors Al Arabiya


Africa CDC: New virus variant appears to emerge in Nigeria Associated Press (J-LS). Yes, folks. Possible third new variant.

New study shows coronavirus capable of entering the brain, has similarities to HIV StudyFinds

What’s Your Risk of Catching COVID? These Tools Help You Find Out Scientific American (Robert M)

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine may cause side effects for those with cosmetic facial fillers: FDA Fox

Study investigates effects of COVID-19 vaccine on male fertility Local10. Watch anti-vaxxer make hay with this.


Covid: France rewards frontline immigrant workers with citizenship BBC


Dark days: Experts fear the holidays will fuel the US crisis Associated Press. Resilc: “It amazes me to see the airports full, although 70mil + did vote for Trump, and there are lots of Demozzz flying too.”

U.S. to Require Negative Coronavirus Tests for Airline Passengers From U.K. Wall Street Journal. Both PCR and antigen tests accepted.

US coronavirus death toll could reach 731,000 by April if states ease mandates but up to 45,000 lives could be saved by vaccine rollout, IHME predictions show as a record 120,000 patients face Christmas Day in hospital Daily Mail

Hospital Workers Start to ‘Turn Against Each Other’ to Get Vaccine New York Times

Early access to the coronavirus vaccine sparks lobbying from companies and unions Washington Post

Texas National Guard Sent to Overwhelmed El Paso COVID Morgues Military.com

L.A. County records 140 COVID-19 deaths in one day, a new record MSN (J-LS)

Locked-down California runs out of reasons for surprising surge Politico (J-LS)

As temperatures plummet and pandemic rages, homelessness in Michigan poised to explode WSWS

Black Doctor Dies of Covid-19 After Complaining of Racist Treatment New York Times

California man ‘kills fellow Covid patient with oxygen tank’ BBC

Nursing homes face daunting task of getting consent before they give coronavirus vaccines Washington Post (UserFriendly)

Dr Anthony Fauci turns 80 – and even his birthday surprise obeyed Covid rules Guardian

U.S. states enlist medical, nursing students to give out COVID-19 vaccine Reuters (resilc)


House GOP rejects unanimous consent on $2,000 direct payments The Hill

‘Complete clusterf—’: Trump leaves Washington in limbo Politico

Veto Corleone Heisenberg Report (resilc)


The Guardian view on a Brexit deal: relief that leaves a bitter taste Guardian (Kevin W)

This Brexit deal does not bring real sovereignty – whatever Boris Johnson wants you to believe Independent

Britain and the European Union agree on the hardest Brexit Economist

Brexit trade deal: 11 curious and awkward details emerging from the small print Express. Consistent with our 50,000 foot take.

She Stalked Her Daughter’s Killers Across Mexico, One by One New York Times (UserFriendly)

New Cold War

Russian and Chinese bombers fly joint patrol over Pacific Associated Press

With Hacking, the United States Needs to Stop Playing the Victim New York Times


President Trump Threatens Iran Over Baghdad Embassy Attack Antiwar (resilc)

Iran Unveils Own Oil Tanker In “Goodbye Party” For Trump OilPrice

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Dozens sue Amazon’s Ring after camera hack leads to threats and racial slurs Guardian (resilc)

The ACLU Is Suing For More Information About the FBI’s Phone-Hacking Lab Verge

Trump Transition

Inside Trump and Barr’s Last-Minute Killing Spree ProPublica (Dr. Kevin)

Opinion: Trump pardons corrupt lawmakers, but the real scandal is that the capital is still a swamp MarketWatch (resilc)

Blackwater, Iraq and President Trump’s Pardon New York Times. Resilc: “Just to open the door on bombing Iran.”


Biden says he’s ‘unlikely’ to cancel $50,000 in student debt, dispelling notion of leading ‘most progressive’ administration RT (Kevin W)

No, Joe, Don’t Roll out the Red Carpet for Torture Enablers CounterPunch

A perfect end to 2020 for the left Yasha Levine

She Noticed $200 Million Missing, Then She Was Fired ProPublica (resilc, Dr. Kevin). Just like CalPERS. PR is more important than stopping incompetence and abuses.

Hyundai purchases the company behind the world’s most famous robots DriveTribe (resilc)

Laptops, Desktop Sales See ‘Renaissance;’ Shortages Won’t Ease Until 2022 Reuters. Maybe Apple will have to reconsider ruining the experience for laptop customers.

We’re Outsourcing Our Self-Awareness to Silicon Valley New Republic (resilc)

XRP Cryptocurrency Crashes Following Announcement of SEC Suit Against Ripple TechCrunch

Facebook Managers Trash Their Own Ad Targeting In Unsealed Remarks Intercept

Is Amazon the next anti-trust target after Alibaba? Asia Times (Kevin W)

Guillotine Watch

Bill Gross’s Playing of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Muted by Judge Bloomberg (Marshall)

Hackers Threaten To Leak Plastic Surgery Pictures BBC

Class Warfare

The Dark History of School Choice Diane Ravitch, New York Review of Books

A ski resort, a dream and greed: How a $350M fraud happened in Vermont’s poorest region Burlington Free Press (David L)

A Hard Look at Rent and Rent Seeking with Michael Hudson & Pepe Escobar YouTube (ca)


Antidote du jour. mgl: “My friend’s pet (possibly rescue) donkey in New Mexico”:

And a bonus from reader Teton Time: “Taken in the National Elk Refuge just adjacent to Jackson Hole”:

And I am very fond of this little ad, which I remember from my childhood. Flora posted it in comments:

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