/Links 1/14/2021

Links 1/14/2021

What can corporations do to help save the ocean? Al Jazeera

Dire wolves went extinct 13,000 years ago but thanks to new genetic analysis their true story can now be told The Conversation (The Rev Kev)

Saudi Arabia Puts the Future of Cities on THE LINE Treehugger

The other virus that worries Asia BBC

Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Charged With Willful Neglect of Duty Over Flint Water Crisis WSJ

Russian Cosmism: a national mythology against transhumanism The Conversation


The erotic origins of Italy’ most famous sweet BBC


We may have only weeks to act before a variant coronavirus dominates the US MIT Technology Review

Initial Israeli data: First Pfizer shot curbs infections by 50% after 14 days Times of Israel

China’s vaccine falls short of Western-set standard Asia Times (UserFriendly)

Mother-of-two Covid hoaxer, 30, who took pictures inside four hospitals to falsely claim they were ’empty’ in anti-lockdown campaign is fined £200 Daily Mail

The Pandemic Necessitates a New Approach to Health Care American Compass. Marshall Auerback.

Critics Say Expensive Masks Place Burden on the Poor Der Spiegel

One Mask Is Good. Would Two Be Better? NYT (David L)


DUP’s Brexit ads: Who bankrolled the secretive £435,000 campaign?Irish Times


German CDU on verge of electing divisive figure to replace Angela Merkel Guardian

Capitol Shutdown

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says Trump was banned after ‘threats to physical safety both on and off the social media platform’ but admits it sets a ‘dangerous precedent’ – as Snapchat also permanently suspends him Daily Mail

Trump Was Dangerous But the Solution is Not to Give More Political Power to Unrivalled TechGiants Counterpunch

TOI headline becomes online blockbuster Times of India

Questions swirl around possible ‘insider’ help for Capitol attack CNN

9/11 Was the Prelude. 1/6 Is the Holy Grail Strategic Culture Foundation. Pepe Escobar

Facebook Has Been Showing Military Gear Ads Next To Insurrection Posts Buzzfeed (Dan K0

When government becomes destructive The Hill (UserFriendly)

Trump Transition

EXCLUSIVE-FAA chief vows ‘zero tolerance’ approach to disruptive passengers, warns of possible jail time Reuters

Donald Trump finally discovers a spotlight he wants to ignore Politico

In Wisconsin, hidden flaws in new proposal for electoral votes Princeton Election Consortium. UserFriendly: “This would be a hilarious self own.”


Trump Impeached Amid Efforts to Silence Him Consortium News

In Historic House Vote, Only 10 Republicans Join Democrats to Impeach Trump for Inciting Insurrection Common Dreams

McConnell says he’s undecided on whether to vote to convict Trump The Hill

Biden Transition

Interventionist Samantha Power is latest pick to serve in Joe Biden administration as USAID head RT (The Rev Kev)

Biden expected to include new child benefit in major new stimulus proposal WaPo (UserFriendly)

Dems eye punishing Republicans who challenged Biden’s win Politico

Class Warfare

Unionizing Google Workers: We Want Democracy at Work Jacobin

The C Word Dublin Review of Books

What’s Wrong with the Way We Work New Yorker

‘Lazy,’ ‘Money-Oriented,’ ‘Single Mother’: How Union-Busting Firms Compile Dossiers on Employees Motherboard

The SEC Undermined a Powerful Weapon Against White-Collar Crime ProPublica

The Rosenberg Orphans and the Power of Radical History Current Affairs (UserFriendly)

Health Care

Combination of two drugs can help treat methamphetamine addiction for some, new clinical trial data shows Stat


Wakashio : 45 patients ont des symptômes et pathologies liés directement avec la marée noire, selon l’ONG Eco-Sud  Le Défi


De-Classified US Govt Paper Says India Can Counterbalance China, Beijing Slams the Document The Wire

The BRICs at 20 Project Syndicate. Jim O’Neill

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