/Links 2/24/2021

Links 2/24/2021

Are Soybeans Driving Deforestation? TreeHugger (Re Silc).

Despite discrimination and drought, Punjabi Americans farm on High Country News

Degrowth: solving the impasse by magical thinking globalinequality

The cash-flush amateurs hunting game cards, handbags and art Reuters

Bank Ratings Get Sex-Equality Revamp, Exposing Nordic Edge Bloomberg

Russia’s Answer to Amazon Looks West After Beating Local Rivals Bloomberg


Exclusive: Two variants have merged into heavily mutated coronavirus New Scientist

FDA issues new recommendations to take on Covid-19 variants Endpoints

* * *

Covid vaccines – ‘spectacular’ impact on serious illness BBC

Op-Ed: Stop Stressing Post-Vax Risk of Spreading Coronavirus MedPage Today

* * *

First COVID-19 vaccines distributed by COVAX arrive in West Africa Axios

Why Biden’s pledge of $4 billion to help vaccinate the world isn’t enough Vox

WHO agrees compensation fund for serious COVAX vaccine side effects Reuters

* * *

Schools may see a burst of the common cold when they reopen, research suggests STAT

105-year-old who recovered from COVID-19 credits gin-soaked raisins for breakfast The Hill


How Trump’s Tariffs Really Affected the U.S. Job Market Michael Pettis, China Financial Markets

I helped build ByteDance’s vast censorship machine Protocol

Mayor, Party Secretary Detained Over Shandong Mine Explosion Sixth Tone

How To Hang On To YOUR Tooling and Molds When Manufacturing Overseas China Law Blog. Granted, talking their book, but still useful.

11 things you may not know about Malaysian politics South China Morning Post


China Is the Myanmar Coup’s ‘Biggest Loser’ The Atlantic.

Coup in Myanmar: growing protest movement defies the military FT

Opinion: Why the Myanmar Coup Will Fail Tricycle. Again, I think we need to know what’s happening out in the countryside.

Myanmar’s military coup creates banking woes Channel News Asia. Possibly payroll woes, too. A thread:


‘My troubles begin after I get a good harvest’ People’s Archive of Rural India

Brand India Aeon


Middle East arms fair goes ahead despite pandemic as forecasters see a 10% drop in Gulf spending CNBC


The Sordid Story of the Most Successful Political Party in the World The New Republic. The Tories.

EU Imposes Further Sanctions on Venezuela as Maduro Visits UN Human Rights Council Venezuelanalysis

Ecuador inches closer to an indigenous president FT

Buttergate: Why are Canadians complaining about hard butter? BBC

Biden Administration

Biden to order review of critical foreign supply chains FT

Biden Stays Clear Of Endorsing Union Effort At Alabama Amazon Warehouse HuffPo

Judge bans enforcement of Biden’s 100-day deportation pause AP

Republican plan would raise minimum wage to $10 but only if businesses are required to ensure worker legality USA Today

Realignment and Legitimacy

How to Teach Troops about the Constitution Defense One (Re Silc).

Anti-Maskers Waging “Spiritual War” Statewide Mainer. Or at least in Belfast.

Capitol Seizure

A Fence Now Surrounds Congress, But Capitol Hill Residents Are Leading The Push To Bring It Down DCist

Republican senator defends pro-Trump protesters who stormed Capitol, falsely blaming insurrection on ‘fake supporters’ Independent

EXCLUSIVE: He was the martyred face of the Capitol riot but now mother of hero cop Brian Sicknick says she believes her son died of a fatal stroke – not a fire extinguisher to the head – while authorities won’t say a word Daily Mail. See also Politifact (and not, oddly, the Times, the Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc.).

Our Famously Free Press

I Can’t Stand Fox News, But Censoring It Might Be The Dumbest Idea Ever Matt Taibbi, TK News. Today’s must-read.

House Democrats, Targeting Right-Wing Cable Outlets, Are Assaulting Core Press Freedoms Glenn Greenwald

Capitol Riots were a Dark Day for American Journalism Counterpunch (Re Silc).

After Facebook, Twitter ban, Trump fans and extremists turn elsewhere Agence France Press

Al Jazeera to launch rightwing media platform targeting US conservatives Guardian. And so it begins.

You say “obtained through hacking” like that’s a bad thing:

Can we have a similar warning for materials based on anonymous sources?

Facebook Announces Plan To Break Up U.S. Government Before It Becomes Too Powerful The Onion

Let’s imagine a different kind of platform economy Sifted


Four ERCOT board members who live outside of Texas resign in the aftermath of the power outage Houston Chronicle

Ex-bank president in Texas gets 8 years for fake loans, arson to try to cover up fraud MBC. Piker.

Groves of Academe

How 5 universities tried to handle COVID-19 on campus Science

Inside COVID isolation at UVM: reporter recounts surreal stay with no masks and limited supervision The Vermont Cynic


Gun provocation reveals tensions in Michigan tourist haven AP

Class Warfare

Online job posting analysis shows the extent of the pandemic’s damage, especially to women and youth International Monetary Fund

Does Private Equity Investment in Healthcare Benefit Patients? Evidence from Nursing Homes NBER

Universality or Fighting Over Scraps David Swanson, Tikkun

Taking a Stand in the War on General-Purpose Computing Cheapskate’s Guide

Spot’s RAMPAGE: Pranksters have mounted a paintball GUN on Boston Dynamics’ $75,000 robot dog and are offering the public the chance to control the bot as it wreaks havoc in an art gallery Daily Mail

Antidote du Jour (via Angus Andersen):

Bonus antidote:

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