/Links 2/25/2021

Links 2/25/2021

Dear patient readers,

Apologies for what may come off as whinging. I am tired and even more out of sorts than usual (and you know by now that a sunny disposition is not my trademark). So you are again getting short rations on original posts.

I’ve had a low-grade bug for 2+ weeks, definitely not Covid but enough to make me even more fatigued than normal, plus frustration about my worsening orthopedic issues (and now some pain, and yours truly has exceedingly high pain tolerance, so this isn’t something I’m used to) and a lack of any good treatment options, plus more hassles with my mother (the latest being one of our four aides has recently started having trouble transferring my mother in and out of her wheelchair; I don’t like the idea of bringing in a new aide, and I have very limited options that way. The alternative would be hiring an occupational therapist to nominally train my mother but actually train the aide. That sounds great save for finding said occupational therapist. I know pretty much no one in the community. The agency who employs the aide had no leads and said to ask my mother’s MD. His past physical therapist referral was to a nursing agency that put my mother through such an exhausting “assessment” drill that she refused additional visits. I guarantee his office will again suggest that agency).

Must See! Once in a Lifetime Dolphin ‘Stampede’ Captured on Film off the Coast of California Flipboard (David L)

Rare bird: ‘Half-male, half-female’ cardinal snapped in Pennsylvania BBC

How did dogs get to the Americas? An ancient bone fragment holds clues PhysOrg (ma)

In Pictures: Mount Etna eruption lights up Sicily’s night sky BBC (David L)

Scientists May Have Just Solved The Long-Standing Mystery of Earth’s ‘Missing Ice’ Science Alert (Chuck L)

Cutting down forests: what are the drivers of deforestation? Our World in Data

Record-high Arctic freshwater will flow to Labrador Sea, affecting local and global oceans PhysOrg (rh)

Francis Gooding · G&Ts on the Veranda: The Science of Man London Review of Books (Anthony L)


Coronavirus: 11 test positive on New York rescue flight to Israel Jerusalem Post. Resilc: “They are Hamas’ best weapon.”

Coronaangst ridden? Overzoomed? Covid inspires 1,200 new German words Guardian


The coronavirus is airborne. Here’s how to know if you’re breathing other people’s breath. Washington Post

Coronavirus Reinfection Will Soon Become Our Reality Atlantic (David L)

Why are we still disinfecting surfaces to stop COVID-19? Popular Science (resilc)


FDA scientists endorse J&J’s Covid vaccine, as new data shed light on efficacy STAT

More Americans now say academic concerns should be a top factor in deciding to reopen K-12 schools Pew. Note:

ND House passes anti-mask mandate bill KFYRTV

C.D.C. Traces Covid Outbreaks in Gyms, Urging Stricter Precautions New York Times. Resulting from energetic group classes. (David L)


China’s Shale Boom Was Over Before It Began OilPrice


A Reply to Perry Anderson on Europe Denis McShane (guurst). Quite the takedown on a number of important points.

Bank of England to ‘resist firmly’ EU raid on London, warns governor Guardian (Kevin W). Um, that horse left the barn and is in the next county. France and the ECB tried forcing Euro derivatives trading to the continent because euro many years back. The ECJ ruled they couldn’t do that because it amounted to discriminating against an EU member. With the UK outside the EU, there’s no impediment to the EU insisting Euro clearing take place in the EU…the same way dollar clearing takes place in the US (take note of all those foreign banks with New York branches for that reason).

The impact of the SNP fallout is hard to predict BBC (Kevin W)

The feud between Sturgeon and Salmond could derail Scottish independence Guardian (vlade)

The EU will choke off Europe’s recovery Thomas Fazi. Fazi is excellent on Eurobanking but a bit pathological on the topic of the EU.

Rage boils over amid Argentina’s unrelenting femicide crisis AlJazeera (Chuck L)


The real regional problem with the Iran deal Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

Is Harvard denying Tenure to Cornel West over his views on Palestine? Juan Cole

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

China Hijacked an NSA Hacking Tool in 2014—and Used It for Years Wired

Imperial Collapse Watch

Writing Our Own Foreign Policy Destiny American Conservative


What the Bond Market Is Telling Us About the Biden Economy New York Times. UserFriendly: “Kill me.”

Corporate Lawyers Line Up for Justice Department Top Slots Intercept

President Biden Signs Executive Order Reviewing Supply Chains C-SPAN (Kevin C). As we said earlier, a study = a handwave

Capitol Seizure

Takeaways from the Senate hearing on the US Capitol attack CNN (Kevin W)

Ex-Capitol security chiefs say they didn’t receive FBI memo warning of Jan. 6 “war” Axios. Resilc: “They are using the same 9/11 excuse……..the dog ate my notice that Saudis were going to fly planes into buildings……notice the FBI, God’s gift to MSNBC, is always involved….”

Democratic fury with GOP explodes in House The Hill

The very convenient personal reason why Trump actually wants to run in 2024 Independent

Andrew Cuomo and the Lincoln Project were media-created debacles. What now? Guardian

Why Only 16 Districts Voted For A Republican And A Democrat In 2020 FiveThirtyEight

Tennessee Republicans Propose Using Fingerprints For Voter ID Forbes. Resilc: “Next, strip searches.”

Drunk driving charge dropped against Springsteen; $500 fine for drinking at beach Reuters. Resilc: “Was this in his Obomba chat fest podcast.”

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen’s Podcast Is Another Empty Appeal to Unity Vice. Resilc: “Why people for vote for trump is this bs?

It’s time to confront the dark postscript to America’s role in defeating the Nazis CNN (ma)

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Daniel Prude: Officers in ‘spit hood’ Rochester death to face no charges Independent


Texas’s deregulated electricity market raised consumer costs by $28B: WSJ The Hill (Kevin W). Note this does not include the cost after the deep freeze.

Surviving the Texas Freeze in a Gerrymandered City Slate (resilc)


Sheryl Sandberg and Top Facebook Execs Silenced an Enemy of Turkey to Prevent a Hit to the Company’s Business ProPublica (resilc)

News site Stuff left Facebook. Seven months later, traffic is just fine and trust is higher Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (furzy)

Is your house going to flood because of climate change? These maps will tell you Fast Company (David L)

Jet Fuel Demand Is The Only Thing Holding Oil Back Oilprice (Kevin W)

Cleveland Hopkins readies proposal for new airport terminal Cleveland. Carla R: “Illusions and delusions in Cleveland. Very sad indeed.”

As Buildings’ Life Spans Shrink, Developers Try to Adjust New York Times (resilc)

Prices in Europe’s carbon market, the world’s biggest, are soaring Economist

Hyundai will recall 82,000 Kona EVs to replace batteries ars technica

Duke is a Trademark Bully! Marginal Revolution

Visa, Mastercard plan swipe fee hike in April as their stock gains lag S&P 500 Seeking Alpha

Fed Outage Raises Questions on Wall Street as Services Restored Bloomberg (furzy)

Class Warfare

Chump change: The Romney–Cotton minimum wage proposal leaves 27 million workers without a pay increase Economic Policy Institute

Inside a Battle Over Race, Class and Power at Smith College New York Times

The American dream is now in Denmark The.Ink

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