/Links 3/1/2021

Links 3/1/2021

Why do cats purr? BBC Science Focus (Furzy Mouse).

‘This is bigger than just Timnit’: How Google tried to silence a critic and ignited a movement Fast Company

Has a startup finally found one of food science’s holy grails with its healthy sugar substitute? TechCrunch

Study: Antifouling May be a Major Source of Microplastic Pollution Maritime Executive

Seagrass Is A Vital Weapon Against Climate Change, But We’re Killing It HuffPo


Immunizing the World: Can We Do It? The Globalist

US begins rollout of Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine ABC

Opinion: How Lamont’s COVID vaccination efforts ostracize the most vulnerable Connecticut residents New Haven Register

Finland Had a Patent-Free COVID-19 Vaccine Nine Months Ago — But Still Went With Big Pharma Jacobin (KLG25). Today’s must-read.

Vocabulary for variants:

In the Beltway, “concern” means “hair on fire,” so “Variant of Concern” is a good phrase.

First vaccine to fully immunize against malaria builds on pandemic-driven RNA tech The Academic Times


Central banks of China and United Arab Emirates join digital currency project for cross-border payments Bank of International Settlements

China Charges Ahead With a National Digital Currency NYT

China developer default marks latest test in under-pressure sector FT

China Fintech Curbs That Hit Ant Were No Surprise: Ping An Caixin Global

China will ‘vigorously support’ semiconductor industry, IT ministry head says, as country seeks self-sufficiency in chip-making South China Morning Post

Historic Round-up of Hong Kong Opposition Draws Defiant Protest Bloomberg

Why the tanks keep rolling WaPo. “Militaries are getting better at overthrowing elected governments.”


‘Back to the Stone Age’: Striking bank workers bring an industry – and an economy – to its knees Frontier Myanmar

‘We have to win’: Myanmar protesters persevere as junta ramps up violence Guardian

Revealing the dubious links of an Australian company in troubled Myanmar Sydney Morning Herald

‘Milk Tea Alliance’ activists across Asia hold rallies against Myanmar coup Reuters

‘A lost generation’: COVID-19 takes emotional toll on Indonesia’s young Channel News Asia


Govt working for farmers, says PM Modi, endorses budget provisions India Today

100 Days of Farmer Protest: Know Reason behind farmer protest and what has happened till the date Jagran TV. A timeline.

The mystery of India’s ‘lake of skeletons’ BBC

How is erosion affecting the recovery of the Fukushima area? Soils Matter

The Koreas

North Korea’s Missed Opportunity: The Unique, Dovish Moment of the Overlapping Trump and Moon Presidencies (PDF) Korea Institute for Defense Analysis


Cork-based nuns breach Covid guidelines to attend exorcism of the Dáil Irish Examiner

David Oliver: Lack of PPE betrays NHS clinical staff British Medical Journal

The Mystery Of The Covid Deaths Taking Months To Appear In NHS Data HuffPo

Salmond inquiry: The choice is with Nicola Sturgeon The Herald

Europe should ‘go big’ on fiscal policy too Adam Tooze, Chartbook

Germany: AstraZeneca vaccine priority groups ‘should be abolished’ Deutsche Welle

A Possible Solution to the Nord Stream 2 Conundrum Der Spiegel

Germany offered US ‘dirty deal’ to drop Nord Stream 2 sanctions Deutsche Welle

Sweden has avoided a COVID-19 lockdown so far: Has its strategy worked? ABC

Biden Administration

POLITICO Playbook: Scoop: Anti-Big Tech crusader poised to join Biden admin Politico. Tim Wu. Big if true and in good faith.

What Joe Biden Gets Totally Wrong About Student Debt The Nation

Exclusive: Biden in no rush to lift Venezuela sanctions, seeks ‘serious steps’ by Maduro Reuters. Serious like what? Autodefenestration?

Chile emerges as global leader in Covid inoculations with ‘pragmatic strategy’ Guardian

Intelligence Community

The Lies Aren’t Secret The American Conservative

Democrats en deshabille

Andrew Cuomo Is Finished Ross Barkan, Political Currents. That’s a damn shame.

Bernie’s loss, and two theories of capitalism Carl Beijer

Republican Funhouse

Trump tears into Biden, GOP critics in first post-presidency speech The Hill

Trump says he won’t form new party, vows to unite Republicans Al Jazeera


The Texas Blackout Is the Story of a Disaster Foretold Texas Monthly

ERCOT pulls the plug on electricity retailer Griddy’s ability to operate in Texas Dallas Morning News (MV).

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Corporate Media Parrot FBI Talking Points as More Americans Turn to Encrypted Communication Online FAIR

Little League Wants All Your Information Kirk Strauser, Honeypot.net

Our Famously Free Press

New York Times Columnist David Brooks Blogged For Facebook’s Corporate Site Buzzfeed. Ka-ching.

Groves of Academe

Atlas, Ferguson, and Hanson: On Free Speech at Stanford Stanford Review

Zeitgeist Watch

I think we’re getting to a tipping point Welcome to Hell World. Includes an interview with a health insurance billing coder.

Class Warfare

Measuring Colonial Extraction: The East India Company’s Rule and the Drain of Wealth (1757–1858) (PDF) Capitalism: A Journal of History and Economics. The whole issue is free. It’s pretty impressive.

Are Declassed Professionals in the United States like Surplus Song Dynasty Civil Servants? Benjamin Studebaker

Gig companies prepare to bring their fight for independent work nationwide under a more skeptical Biden administration CNBC. “Independent work” my Sweet Aunt Fanny.

9-year-old girl cries to virtual class that she’s ‘starving,’ local food bank steps in Today. Reading between the lines, complex eligibility requirements are doing their job.

Measuring Household Distress and Potential Policy Impacts Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis

How the automation economy can turn human workers into robots Axios

The Mars Helicopter is Online and Getting Ready to Fly Universe Today

Scientists Talked To People In Their Dreams. They Answered NPR

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