/Links 3/6/2021

Links 3/6/2021

Yves here. One of our aides’ 29 year old daughter in on a respirator for Covid. No pre-existing conditions. She’s a police officer, so she has health insurance and was getting regular medical exams. So don’t perpetuate the myth that only old people are at risk. This aide and her significant other have already had 3 people in their families under 40 die of Covid.

The man who saves forgotten cats in Fukushima’s nuclear zone Reuters

Tearing Apart the Universe American Scientist (UserFriendly)

Sand shortage: The world is running out of a crucial commodity CNBC (resilc)

The Dark Side of Bill Gates’s Climate Techno-Optimism New Republic (resilc). Of course he has to be an optimist. Computers eat a lot of power.

Scientific communication in a post-truth society PNAS (Dr. Kevin)

Why is Electroshock Therapy Still a Mainstay of Psychiatry? Aeon (Anthony L)


a href=”https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/03/05/1020304/reopening-us-schools-complicated/” rel=”nofollow”>Zombie Preparedness Centers for Disease Control (Dr. Kevin)

After record COVID-19 deaths, Bolsonaro tells Brazilians to stop ‘whining’ Reuters

Israel postpones roll-out of COVID vaccine to Palestinian workers AlJazeera


Speedy variants power virus surge sweeping Europe Associated Press

Wolfgang Streeck, Vaccine Debacle New Left Review. Anthony L: “A wonderful opening sentence I’m certain is much better in the original German: ‘Whatever else you may think about Angela Merkel, one thing you must allow her: she knows a hot potato when she sees one, and she can pass it on to someone else in no time.’”


Fauci warns of COVID-19 spike in coming weeks, even though more vaccines are being administered The Hill

Reopening US schools is complicated. MIT Technology Review


Democrats break COVID impasse with deal on jobless benefits The Hill


US Pacific Commander Defends $27 Billion Plan to Confront China Antiwar (resilc)

China’s low growth target reflects tech war drag Asia Times

Exclusive: U.S. blocked Myanmar junta attempt to empty $1 billion New York Fed account – sources Reuters (resilc)


UK-EU trade falls sharply as Brexit disruption starts to bite Financial Times

Northern Irish loyalist paramilitaries withdraw support for 1998 peace deal Reuters (resilc)


Scottish government discounted legal advice to give up fight with Salmond Guardian (Kevin W)

Mediterranean pipe dream founders on global gas glut Asia Times (resilc)


Anonymous US Officials Blame ‘Iranian-Backed’ Militia For Latest Iraq Rocket Attack Antiwar (resilc)

Israel Updating Plans to Attack Iran Antiwar

The pope and the ayatollah: Francis meets Iraq’s Sistani Washington Post (furzy)

Funny how Twitter hasn’t banned the Israeli journalist advocating murder:

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

China-Linked Hack Hits Tens of Thousands of U.S. Microsoft Customers Wall Street Journal. Don’t blame me for the headline.

White House warns of ‘large number’ of victims in Microsoft hack Financial Times (David L)

Imperial Collapse Watch

US exceptionalism surges again: Will it fly? Asia Times

Capitol Seizure

Pelosi-appointed general recommends establishing permanent QUICK-REACTION TROOPS in DC to protect government from the governed RT. Kevin W:


Biden’s climate plan has a nuclear solution Asia Times (Kevin W)

Biden tells NASA engineer Indian Americans are ‘taking over the country’ New York Post

Senior diplomatic security official removed from Afghanistan role after posting racist comments about Kamala Harris Mercury News

In Republican House races, viral-ad donations offer big payoff for consultants Washington Post (UserFriendly)

Texas Deep Freeze Aftermath

Goldman Made $200 Million Off the U.S. Deep Freeze, at Least on Paper Bloomberg

Federal judge says states acted too late to ratify Equal Rights Amendment NBC (furzy)


Andrew Cuomo’s Endgame Political Currents by Ross Barkan (UserFriendly)

Socialist Legislators Want to Impeach Cuomo for Harassment Intercept (resilc)

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Talk of Reparations: Pie in the Sky Pushed by Democrat Bamboozlers Ghion Journal


Bitcoin Storm Brewing Over Trump’s Anti-Money Laundering Push Bloomberg

John McAfee, antivirus software creator, charged with cheating investors over cryptocurrency scheme ABC (Australia). Furzy: “Bitcoin = Prosecution futures…..”

Bitcoin could prevent society from functioning and is an ‘extreme form of libertarian anarchism,’ warns this fund manager MarketWatch. Curiously overwrought.

What Happens When a Publisher Becomes a Megapublisher? New York Times (Anthony L)

High-priced tech stocks sink further into bear market territory Financial Times

No, we don’t need to ‘balance the books’ Thomas Fazi

Class Warfare

Caring by the Dollar: Nursing Homes, Private Equity, and Covid-19 Dollars & Sense

The eight Democrats who voted ‘no’ on $15 minimum wage The Hill (Kevin W)

Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema compared to Marie Antoinette for voting against minimum wage hike Yahoo

How some people can end up living at airports for months – even years – at a time The Conversation (resilc)

Sidewalk robots get legal rights as “pedestrians” Axios (Chuck L)

Is evil a matter of personality or a condition of society? Times Literary Supplement (Anthony L)

Antidote du jour (furzy):

And a bonus:

Another bonus, from Chuck L:

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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