/Links 3/8/2021

Links 3/8/2021

Thai navy rescue four cats from burning ship BBC

Great apes given Covid vaccines after outbreak at San Diego zoo Guardian

The Right to Live in Peace Consortium News. Vijay Prashad.

China’s Donghai Airlines suspends pilot and male attendant after allegedly fighting mid-flight over a toilet incident SCMP Flying the not so friendly skies.

Wagnermania The Baffler

From Goa to London with Graham Greene: A first-person account of a literary friendship Scroll

The Vying Animal Bookforum

The mystery of Azerbaijan’s missing army chief Eurasia.net

Splash New York Review of Books

California would ban boys and girls sections at big retailers under proposed law Sacramento Bee

California is bone dry. Will March bring more misery or a miracle? LA Times

The ocean’s ability to absorb carbon could make or break a net-zero future Narwhal


The COVID Bubble Project Syndicate. Nouriel Roubini.

What the Coronavirus Variants Mean for the End of the Pandemic New Yorker

How to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine: a State-by-State Guide WSJ. From February; still germane.

Europe staggers as infectious variants power virus surge AP

Don’t let bureaucracy constrict the supply of Covid-19 vaccines Stat

Most adults in rich nations face long wait for vaccine, distributor warns FT

CDC to issue guidelines for vaccinated people in ‘next couple of days’: Fauci NY Post

Fauci warns against lifting Covid measures but Republican-led states push on Guardian

For Planet Earth, No Tourism is a Curse and a Blessing NYT

WHO readies Covid-19 origins report as demands grow for more transparency on China investigation SCMP

A New Study of Athletes’ Hearts After Covid Shows Encouraging Results WSJ And the study: Prevalence of Inflammatory Heart Disease Among Professional Athletes With Prior COVID-19 Infection Who Received Systematic Return-to-Play Cardiac Screening JAMA  Cardiology

Our Famously Free Press

Humanitarian Imperialism FAIR

Texas Deep Freeze Aftermath

As the Texas power crisis shows, our infrastructure is vulnerable to extreme weather MIT Technology Reviews


Andrew Cuomo vows ‘no way’ he resigns amid sexual harassment accusations NY PostHmm – never say never.

Cuomo Discovers #MeToo Means #HimToo NYT. MoDo.

Biden Administration


Nigel Farage vows to quit politics for good saying UK vaccines drive is ‘proof positive’ Brexit has worked and he is amazed he has ‘stayed sane’ through 30-year campaign – but he will stay in the public eye to fight ‘woke agenda’ Daily Mail

Waste Watch

Where curbside recycling programs have stopped in the US Waste Dive

Could plastic roads make for a smoother ride? BBC

These Eye-Catching Bricks Are Made from Textile Waste TreeHugger


Cyber threat looms large over German election Deutsche  Welle


Bolivians vote in local, regional polls amid COVID-19 concerns Al Jazeera

Ruling on Murder Case by Judge Suffering From Dementia Will Stand, Court Says ProPublica

Why Cornel West’s Tenure Fight Matters Boston Review

Class Warfare

‘Failing up’: Why some climb the ladder despite mediocrity BBC

Report to Newsom: Support California Workers With Fair Pay and Benefits Capital & Main


Houthis fire missiles, drones at Saudi oil facilities Al Jazeera


Eco India: Meet the woman leading a herbal medicine & grassroots wellness renaissance in Tamil Nadu Scroll

100 Days Later, the Farmers’ Protest is Alive, Well and Gaining Momentum The Wire

PM Modi in Kolkata: Crowd Management, Communal Speeches and a Call for Change The Wire

Mamata Banerjee leads march against LPG price rise, challenges PM for ‘one-to-one’ contest Scroll

Secularism biggest threat to India’s traditions finding a spot on global stage, says Adityanath Scroll


How Eight Pacific Island States Are Saving the World’s Tuna Foreign Policy

Grassroots Activists Work to Save Remaining Cardamom Mountains Rainforest The Diplomat

The Last Fishermen of Kashmir Foreign Policy
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